Who We Are

Who Are We?

“Ripples is a completely student-run newspaper. Shorewood High School students make up the entire staff and are responsible for brainstorming story ideas, gathering information, conducting interviews, writing articles, taking pictures, selling ad space, laying out pages, selling subscriptions, maintaining a website, setting policy and more.

The leaders of Ripples are our sophomore, junior, and senior editors.

Meet the editors:

Editor-In-Chief: Elena Katrina Cruz

Elena Cruz is an aspiring journalist and self-dubbed PB&J champion chef. When she’s not writing for Ripples or dishing out the perfect combination of jam and peanut butter, she can be found hiding behind a canvas in the AP art room, volunteering for Student Council, or swimming for the girls varsity swim team. Elena loves to floss her teeth—it is her second favorite hobby only to sandwich sampling—and seeing the world. In fact, she backpacked to Europe this summer with her older sister, visiting Italy, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, and Austria during the 37-day adventure. The only downside of the trip? Europe doesn’t sell much peanut butter; consequently, PB&J indulging was very, very limited.

Managing Editor of Staff: Monica Elizabeth Dix

Monica Dix is a blonde, beasty, beauty. However, if you try to compliment her blonde, beasty, beautiness, she will tell you to stop. She did not have to do anything to be her blond, beauty, beasty self. Please compliment her brain, her humor, or her kindness. This is something she has worked hard for and spent time sweating and bleeding over. Her brain and her intellect make her truly the wonderful beast Monica Dix is. When Monica is not stressing over AP Bio, she is swimming like a shark beneath the waves, hunting her prey. However, don’t comment on her appearance as a shark; only the speediness and deadliness she uses as she viciously kills her prey.

News Editor: Monica Elizabeth Dix

(See above)

Features Editor: Sydney Katherine Widell

Sydney Widell is a member of both the US Rowing Team and the US Curling Team. When she is not competing athletically on the world’s stage, she is literally on stage- playing piano and preforming interpretive dances. She speaks fluent Elvish. When she needs to take a break from her fame, Sydney retreats to the woods where she lives in caves and subsists on wild berries and venison. Her favorite book is The Princess Bride and her favorite radio program is “This American Life.” Her role models are Jeremy Jones, Nick Hunt and Sage Kostenburg. When she grows up, Sydney would like to be a professional beekeeper.

Arts and Entertainment Editor: Eli Jacob Frank

Eli Frank is known for his exceptional puns and music taste. He is a kindly soul who can be found brooding beneath the trees at lunch, at all the hippest concerts, in Mr. Wiswall’s room or, of course, at layout. Beneath his cynical exterior, he is truly a decent person. If you looked at Eli’s bookshelf, you’d find a diverse selection, ranging from socialist manifestos to biographies of certain folksingers. His walls are adorned with images of Bob Dylan and Noam Chomsky.

Opinions Editor: Elena Katrina Cruz

(see above)

Sports Editor: Maeve Elizabeth McKaig

Website Editor: Ananya Murali

Assistant Website Editor: Martha Katherine Dix

Martha Dix : Unicorn :: Prince of Bel Air : Fresh.  When not blogging about unicorns, rainbows and sparkles she can be found staring piercingly at the precious grumpy cat plushie which is her prized possession. She emulates the great vicious water predators in her daily swims and has made fake blood out of chocolate syrup. However, her greatest accomplishment perhaps is amassing a secret army of invisible minions rumored to be following her around SHS. Is she a superhero or a super villain? Only time will tell.

Social Media Editor: Eli Jacob Frank and Maeve Elizabeth McKaig

(See above)

Deputy Page Editors: Shimana Meghan Bose and Sarah Katherine Eder

Shimana Meghan Bose

Shimana is a junior who likes cats, warm blankets, hot chocolate, and horror movies. Shimana is a member of Sci-fi club, Debate club, vice-president of Science club, president of Anime Club, and of course, an editor in Ripples. Previously a reporter, Shimana became a Deputy Page Editor in her junior year, and is ecstatic to now be part of the Ripples staff. In addition to Ripples, her clubs, and schoolwork, Shimana spends her time reading, writing, and hiding in dark corners, waiting to scare people who pass by. If you’re looking for Shimana, the best way is probably to leave some blueberry muffins, or spaghetti out as bait. If that doesn’t work, check the nearest library, art room, or creepy cabin in the woods (at your own risk).

Sarah Katherine Eder

Copy Editors: Celeste Bernadette Carroll, Maya Celeste Schneider and Madeline Elizabeth Wilson

Celeste Bernadette Carroll

Celeste Carroll is a senior, and has been writing for Ripples since her sophomore year. Outside of Ripples, she participates in tennis and softball, and enjoys reading historical fiction books, especially ones that are probably meant for Tweens, which is a fact she accepts! She also loves walking through Wisconsin forests with her family, in search of delicious edible mushrooms to cook at home. Celeste wishes to one day become a beekeeper, live in a lighthouse, and become self-sufficient off the land. Eventually, she’d like sell her handmade honey lotions and candles, as well as her home grown lavender and produce, at the local farmer’s market, and when she’s not busy tending to her hives and garden, she hopes to work as a librarian at a small but much loved neighborhood library.

Maya Celeste Schneider

Maya is a sophomore at SHS who likes swimming, bread, and spending most of her money at Colectivo. Maya swims competitively year round, is secretary of Best Buddies and a member of Model UN. This is Maya’s first year on the editorial staff, and she reported for Ripples last year.Maya spends many hours of her day at the pool and treasures the moment when she can return home and go to bed. Maya also enjoys watching Netflix, with some of her favorite shows including Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Maya is a friendly person who’s always happy to help out someone in need, so don’t be afraid to say hello in the hallway.

Madeline Elizabeth Wilson

Madeline has been a Ripples reporter since she was a freshman, new to the school, and having no idea what she was doing. Now she is a junior who, hopefully, knows what she is doing. She joined the editorial staff this year as a copy editor. In addition to Ripples, Madeline participates in cross-country, track, Shorewood Public Library’s teen advisory board and Key Club. Madeline also enjoys eating cheese-flavored popcorn, reading whatever she can find and playing the piano aggressively. Seriously, she has made her fingers bleed from playing the piano.

Photography Editors: Ben Samuel Davis and Olivia Grace Loomis

Business Manager: Olivia Lynne Dolan Holbrook

Advisor: Michael Cody Halloran