“Shorewood Ripples, the student newspaper of Shorewood High School, was founded in 1922.
We are a nationally recognized, award-winning publication and publish 10 well-read issues each
school year.

We distribute approximately 850 copies to students, staff and administrators. We also send
additional 100-150 copies to subscribers including parents, former students, and others
throughout the nation, for a total circulation of 1000 per issue.
The rate for advertisements is generally as follows:

  • Business Card (2 x 5in) – $25
  • Quarter Page (5 x 8in) – $40
  • Half Page (8 x 10in) – $85
  • Full Page (10 x16in) – $115

These rates can be reduced for a nonprofit organization or school club. In addition, there is a
15% discount for 3 issues ore more.

If you are interested in advertisement for your business please email with the subject line “Advertisement.”

Advertising Policy:

Ripples reserves the right to deny advertising space to any ad deemed
deceiving or misleading in nature. Libelous ads and those containing misstatements or mistruths
are unacceptable. Publication of an advertisement in Ripples does not indicate endorsement of
that ad. We must have ads one week before the publication dates to the left.”