Mac ‘n’cheese unites


The Mac and Cheese Cook-off took place May 13 from 6:007:30. The student-council-run event sent all their proceeds to the Mark Harris Family Fund, the school’s charity for the year.

“We were looking for ways to get more kids, different kind of kids involved so we really tried to do a variety of events, sports events, dances, cooking events trying to reach all students,” said Olivia Holbrook, senior.

The Mac and Cheese Cook-off started three years ago and has continued every year since. According to Holbrook, Mac and cheese was chosen as the dish because it was something simple, yet unique for a cook-off.

“Everyone loves mac and cheese, and everyone can make mac and cheese so it sounded like a pretty good idea,” said Izzie Tasse, junior.

This year the Mac and Cheese Cook-off was held later in the year due logistical reasons surrounding the student-council-held movie night.

It cost $10 to enter a dish and $5 to the mac and cheese and vote for your favorite. This year, 13 dishes were entered.

mac n cheese holbrook
(Olivia Loomis) Clayton Holbrook, freshman, serves Annalise Lena, freshman, his mac and cheese at the cook-off. The Student Council event raised $350.

The cook-off raised about $350. “It was a good amount, right around where we wanted to be,” Tasse said.

According to Tasse, the completion of the event attracted a lot of participants. “There are prizes from different merchants around Shorewood,” Tasse said.

This year first place was a $25 gift card to Metro Market, and second place was a $20 gift card to City Market.

Jacqueline Klisch and Sarah Clausen, juniors, won the cook-off. They made a dish with macaroni-style pasta, a creamy sauce and cheese. “We thought the cheesier, the better,” Klisch said.

Klisch had helped out with the event in previous years but this was her first year cooking.

“My favorite part of the event was watching people smile and be really happy about eating our mac and cheese and other peoples’ mac and cheese,” Klisch said. “Everyone was just really excited to be eating.”

Holbrook said the atmosphere of the Mac and Cheese Cook-off made it a popular event.

“My favorite part was just trying all the mac and cheeses and being surprised by some of the kids who could actually cook,” Holbrook said. “I didn’t know a group of freshman boys would be so passionate about their macaroni.”

A few community members made dishes this year.

“It is really great to go outside the boundaries of the school because it attracted other people to come in and taste,” Tasse said.

Klisch plans to participate in the event in the future.

“I think it was a really fun experience, and I even had some leftover mac and cheese to take home,” Klisch said.

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