Band restructures


The SHS band council is making some changes for the upcoming school year. The council plans to change from a system comprised of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and the first chair member of every section, to a more inclusive simple seven person committee.

A little known but hard working group, band council, is advised by Nick Castonguay, band director. Despite this, it is predominantly student run.

“It is mostly student led,” said Bess Werner, junior.

The group makes decisions about pep band themes for football and basketball games as well as more professional matters about concerts.

“It’s the governing body of the band,” Castonguay said.

“We make decisions about our concerts, what music we play and at which events we should play,” said David Deshpande, sophomore.

The council also plans gigs for the bands at local events such as SEED, the opening of Metro Market and more.

One of band council’s biggest events this year was the first ever Rocktoberfest. The concert was completely student run and was deemed a success.

“[The council] decided the entire program. What songs we were going to feature, they did skits in it, it was an entirely student run concert. It’s our ‘showcase,’” Castonguay said.

Rocktoberfest fundraised directly for the bands and raised over $2,500 for the program. Justine Spore, senior and current band council president, headed the change from a structured council to a more cohesive one.

“She wants to make it more inclusive and less formal,” Castonguay said.

The decision to change the council from a power structured council to a more equal group spurred from the hope of getting more band members involved not only in the council, but in the decision making process.

band bw
(Olivia Loomis) Justine Spore and Nick Nesler, seniors, rehearse with the band. They are leaders of the band council this year, which has recently made a number of structural changes.

“I think this will make the younger band folks included in the decision making. The more students are engaged, the more they’re going to like band and want to join band. I think the more leadership they have the more engaged they’ll be,” Castonguay said.

“A lot of people don’t go [to band council] because they don’t have a lot of responsibility in it,” Werner said.

The hope is that with a more equal set-up, students will be inclined to attend meetings and help make crucial decisions for the band. “It will allow for more open discussion and will include more people,” said Gretchen Froelich, sophomore.

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