Tennis team determined to improve


The boys tennis team’s three sects, varsity, varsity reserve and junior varsity, consist of players both with high expectations and anticipation for the upcoming season.

“Varsity is just the next level of play … Varsity reserve, … those are players who are given an opportunity to all play each other … to determine who is the best out of all that group. I made four varsity reserve spots. They are the next four in line in the event that if one of the starters get hurt or unable to make a match,” said Michael Tredeau, head coach. “Junior varsity are just the players who are at the level below varsity reserve … Essentially mostly … underclassmen and they are just developing their games to ready themselves for the varsity as well. A few of them probably will be varsity or varsity reserve next year.”

After placing second at sectionals last year, the team is hoping to win this year. “We would really like to win conference this year, and maybe win sectionals. We kind of lost on a heartbreaker with sectionals last year … We came in second,” said Cal Papineau, junior.

Tredeau is confident in the team’s ability to do that. “I believe we are going to win the regular season and … the conference tournament,” Tredeau said.

Practices consist of warm-up followed by other drills. “We usually warm up on half court to get our … motion of the racquet’s speed and to get our rhythm. After that, we move back to the base line of the court and focus on ground strokes. Those are for our warm up. Then, we usually run a few laps and stretch and then we usually just play matches, trying to get that competition and prepare for matches,” said Adam Kelly, sophomore.

(Olivia Loomis) Adam Kelly, sophomore, works on his serve. The tennis team is hoping to notch a win in both their regular season and at their conference tournament.

The team retained all the varsity players from their previous season. “We didn’t lose anyone last year. So, it is the exact same team,” Papineau said. While the players have remained the same, the way they play has changed.

“The lineup has changed significantly from last year. James Ewing, who played two singles previously, is now playing one doubles with Adam, who previously played four singles. Nathan Raskin, [senior who] played two doubles last year, is now playing two singles, and Zack, who played 2 doubles, is now at 4 singles” said Christian Schiro, sophomore.

According to the members of the varsity squad, the team has a great atmosphere. “I love being a part of the team because everyone is super nice and highly motivated. I also really enjoy getting to play under our amazing coach, Mike Tredeau,” Schiro said.

“Right now we are two and zero in the conference and my goal is to go undefeated in our division of the conference. Then do the cross-over match which is in May … That is the most direct goal that we have. After that we will be in the sub-sectionals tournament then the sectionals tournament and the goal from there is to get the whole team to team state and also to get individual players to state tournament as well. But first thing first, we want to focus on conference,” Tredeau said.

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