Golf team puts out effort and teamwork


The golf team has some new faces and a new attitude, with the start of the spring sports season. Patrick Sullivan, social studies teacher, has taken over the responsibility of coaching the golf team.

After John Jacobson, social studies teacher, took leave, Sullivan stepped in as a substitute. However, Sullivan has had experience coaching with football and track, but never golf. With only seven members on the golf team, Sullivan wants to get everyone involved with varsity.

“The goal is to get everyone in at least one varsity meet by the end of the year,” Sullivan said.

Unlike other sports, golf allows students to bond more intimately as they walk the course.

“I think it’s great because kids have an opportunity to not only talk about the game of golf, and to give each other pointers and tips, but it gives them a good opportunity in between holes to talk about what they’re doing in school and their interests,” Sullivan said.

(Ben Davis)

Unlike other coaches, Sullivan found an easier transition due to the fact that there were three returning members who helped him with getting to know the guys and helping him get adjusted.  Brendan Fardella, sophmore and returning member of the team, has a different opinion about making friends.

“I think [being on a sports team] doesn’t affect making friends,” Fardella said. “Having a small team helps sometimes because you can learn easier and bond more with the team.” Aaron Eimers, freshman, agrees.

“You spend a lot of time with new people you don’t know,” Eimers said. Eimers is also a member of the basketball team and the football team in addition to the golf team.  “I’ve made four significant friends just from playing basketball and golf,” Eimers said.

With only three returning members to help guide the team, Sullivan hopes that the incoming freshman and new players will help carry the team in the future. Practices are scheduled at Lake Park, where they can get a lot of drills in.

With a new look, attitude, and members this season, the golf team hopes that this will be the year that they can do well in conference play while also bonding for future years.

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