Colectivo expands


Colectivo Coffee plans to open a burger and ice cream restaurant in Shorewood at 4144 North Oakland Ave. Currently Colectivo owns 13 cafes in the Milwaukee area including one located on 4500 North Oakland in Shorewood.

“We had been talking about ice cream for a long time ever since Baskin-Robbins had gone away,” said Scott Schwebel, Vice President of Grand Marketing and Retail at Colectivo Coffee.

Colectivo Coffee has a strong Shorewood presence with many employees and some of the owners living in Shorewood. “We saw a void in our neighborhood at first for something we wanted for ourselves, [then] family and friends,” Schwebel said.

“I am looking forward to it a lot because it is something we do not have in Shorewood,” said Lily Keane, sophomore. Colectivo Coffee decided to also serve burgers in addition to ice cream at this restaurant after realizing they would need more than just ice cream due to the cold, Wisconsin climate.

“There is a wonderful classic pairing of burgers and ice cream but we wanted to do our own spin on it so it is not just another burger joint,” Schwebel said. The restaurant currently does not have a name and will be counter service only with a sit-down area inside and a patio.

(Ben Davis) The old Verizon store stands vacant across from Metro Market. The site will soon be home to a new concept by Colectivo Coffee, serving burgers and ice cream.

“There is going to be sort of a spicy slant to it. We are not talking actually about the food menu items,” Schwebel said. The restaurant will serve burgers, ice cream, Colectivo beer, coffee and other items. According to Schwebel the burger category will have an interesting variety of products.

“Its really about the mix of product, it is very a simple category but there are things you can only get at our joint,” Schwebel said. Almost all the products are custom for Colectivo. Their bakery will bake the buns, the beef for their burger will be a custom blend and their ice cream will be custom.

“Soft Serve is a wonderful old school product we will be doing our version of it which will have a little bit higher fat content, most soft serve has a really low fat content and it some places it even has none,” Schwebel said, “It is a proprietary blend, a very unique version …”

Colectivo plans to use a Wisconsin dairy partner but has not yet identified who it is. They are also trying to use other high quality locally sourced ingredients.“The potatoes will be Wisconsin potatoes for our fries, the cheese is going to be from here, the bacon is going to be from here, wherever it makeS sense,” Schwebel said.

“I really appreciate how Colectivo holds it important to having locally organically sourced food,” said Erin Szablewski, junior.

According to Schwebel one goal of the restaurant is to become a community-gathering place. It aims to offer a unique set up blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor. It will also have a fire pit outside. “They put a lot of time into the way they design and setup things,” Keane said.

Colectivo has applied for a Façade Improvement grant from the village for $103,000. It was decided on May 2 by the village board if the grant was approved, after Ripples went into print. “We are hoping to have all permits in place by the beginning of May and to start construction immediately,” Schwebel said.

Construction on the building plans to take at least four months. “The plan was to have it open by this summer, realistically it is probably going to be the end of summer … at the earliest,” Schwebel said.

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