World Fest highlights diversity in school


Lake Bluff Elementary School hosted their inaugural World Fest event on March 18 at 6:30 P.M.

According to Julia Holmes, co-president of the Lake Bluff PTO, the idea of this event came because of different cultures at Lake Bluff.

“We have such wonderful, diverse cultures here in Lake Bluff that for years I thought we should be celebrating it and bring everyone together … Lake Bluff is a perfect community for it because we are so diverse,” said Avery Holmes, freshman and a volunteer at the event.

The purpose of the celebration was to give Lake Bluff students and their families a chance to share a part of their culture with others and to create a space for people to connect.

3 world fest
(courtesy of Vashti Lozier) Residents dress up for Lake Bluff’s first World Fest. The event celebrated diversity and culture.

“It gave the children and the families a chance to share part of their cultures that maybe they don’t always have an opportunity or ability to do it here at school … This event is the chance where they could do it. They were very supportive. Parents and some students, even their grandparents came and … showed their cultures,” Holmes said.

Participating families brought food and drinks and some even performed.

“I really liked the dances. I thought it was a really cool way of showing culture. It was really awesome,” Holmes said. Parents agree.

“The Fest was fun. I loved some of the food … My favorite food was the Filipino food, the egg rolls. They were lovely. I had lots,” said David Pritchard, parent.

Many said the World Fest was a great opportunity to meet people.

“I think it brought the neighborhood together in … a celebration to know about the world. It is not like you are exposed to only one culture, but you could be exposed to other different cultures and you could have a chance to appreciate it … You [also] get to know more about the world. I think the event was a good opportunity to meet people and have fun on a Friday night,” said Catherine Chen, community member.

The PTO members were also pleased with how the event turned out.

“I was very happy with how it turned out … I saw people getting really happy and excited. My favorite part … was seeing the kids being so proud of their cultures and the smile on their faces, … really proud,” said Julia Holmes, president of the Lake Bluff PTO and mother of Avery.

Many people who came said Lake Bluff should do the World Fest again next year and make it an annual event.

“They totally should do it again ,” Chen said.

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