Shorewood votes for school, village boards


DeBlois, Lipo Zovic win school board; Bockhorst, Rozek win village board

On Tuesday, April 5, the 2016 spring elections and the Wisconsin presidential preference primary took place. Shorewood residents cast their votes for up to two seats on school board and up to two seats on the village board. There were three candidates for each race. In the school board race, Joanne Lipo Zovic, who was appointed interim board member earlier this year after Rob Reinhoffer resigned, won one of the two seats with 37% of the vote. Hilary DeBlois also won a seat on the board, with 29% of the vote, narrowly beating Nate Cade, who won 27% of the vote. In the race for village board, Allison Rozek won with the largest percentage of the vote: 37%. Incumbent Tammy Bockhorst won a second term as trustee with 34% of the vote, beating Dillon Grimes, who received 29% of the vote.

Wisconsin residents also cast their ballot for their preferred presidential candidate.

5 school board
(Eli Frank) Residents vote at the Shorewood Public Library on April 5. The election included candidates for Shorewood school, village board, president and others.

In that race on the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders carried the state with 57% of the vote, compared to Hillary Clinton’s 43%.

On the Republican side, Ted Cruz prevailed with a large margin of the vote over both Donald Trump and John Kasich, with a total of 48% of the vote.

In the close race for Wisconsin Supreme Court, Justice Rebecca Bradley beat out Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg, winning a second term on Wisconsin’s highest court with 52% of the vote.

In the race for Milwaukee mayor, Tom Barrett crushed Alderman Bob Donovan 70%30%, winning reelection for what will be his fourth consecutive term.

Chris Abele comfortably beat State Senator Chris Larson, winning a second term as Milwaukee County executive, with 56% of the vote.

Scott Walker’s nominees fared poorly in local judicial elections. In the 31st Circuit Court, Hannah C. Dugan defeated Paul Rifelj 65%35%. The 45th Circuit Court election was significantly closer, with Jean Marie Kies beating out Michelle Ackerman Havas in a race that ended 50%-50%. Kies won by only 1,086 votes.

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