Prom moved to arena from usual location


Prom, typically held at the Renaissance Place, will be held in the Shorewood High School arena this year on April 16. The change in location is a result of various conflicts and decisions by the prom committee.

“Depending on how prom goes this year, we may keep prom at the arena,” said Emma Anderson, junior and member of prom committee.

Stephanie Snyder, parent and prom advisor, looked at several different venues for a suitable location, and found that there were multiple different events taking place during the weekend of prom, including weddings.

2 arena
(Ben Davis) The main doors to the arena opening to the parking lot. Prom will be held in the arena this year, instead of the traditional Renaissance Place in downtown Milwaukee.

Prom conflicted with several events in the following weekends including state solo and ensemble, and AP testing, which was another deciding factor in holding prom in the high school arena.

The cost of hosting prom has decreased as a result, because the cost of renting the Renaissance Place was more expensive than that of hosting in the arena. This will allow for more decoration because there is more leftover money in the prom budget for food and activities.

“It will be much more affordable for students, and on top of that, we can open up the facilities that we have here,” said Tim Kenney, principal.

In order to have enough decorations, the prom committee organized the Aveda mixer with the Institute of Beauty and Wellness (IBW) as a fundraiser to help support the prom festivities. The fundraiser was held on March 18 from 58 P.M. IBW donated all their service revenue raised along with 10% of any revenue from Aveda retail purchases made that evening.

“Prom is supposed to be a very nice, elegant and formal event, and I think the prom committee is really committed to transforming the arena into a nice location,” Kenney said.

Most students and teachers both agree that prom’s location should not affect the attendance at the event.

They also agree that the spirit of prom is more important than any prom logistics, including the location.

“The whole point of prom is for us to be together and having fun … I had a really great experience last year and I think the fact that the tickets are cheaper this year and that prom committee has been working hard is going to ensure a great prom,” said Micaela Gayner, junior.

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