Guatemala Club fundraises


SHS Guatemala Club held its third annual Colectivo night and first Zumba night on March 5 and March 18, respectively. The goal of both events was to raise money for the Los Hogares Orphanage in Santa Apolonia, Guatemala, where SHS Spanish students volunteer every summer for the past 10 years.

Colectivo Night, the first fundraising event of the year has been a tradition at SHS thanks to the aid of the Colectivo enterprise.

“The owners of Colectivo have always been very involved in the club. The Fowlers have gone [to Guatemala], the Millers have gone, so they have always been very generous,” said Julia Clare Liegel, club co-president.

The event is hosted at Colectivo on Prospect Avenue each year; the space is donated to the club for free.

The event consists of musical performances by Shorewood students, games and bracelet and coffee-sales.

“Every year we play bingo, which gets people involved in the Spanish aspect of the night because we play Spanish bingo,” said Grace Reckmeyer, co-president.

“[Colectivo Night] just reminded me of how talented kids at Shorewood are. It was fun to bring everyone together for something like that,” said Morgan Florsheim, senior.

The event, which raised over $2,000, provided an opportunity for the club to raise funds for the orphanage, but also gave young Shorewood artists the opportunity to perform.

“It was a lot of fun and it is such a welcoming environment. I love how many kinds of people were able to perform. It was a nice last hurrah for our little group that sang,” said Meghan Curtis, senior.

The success of Colectivo night has expanded each year and the club is excited about carryout the tradition for years to come.

“[Colectivo Night] has grown throughout the past three years and it has been really cool to watch it grow and become this huge event,” Liegel said.

Zumba Night made its SHS debut this year and ended up being very successful.

Cecilia Clasen, SHS alum and Guatemala trip participant, flew into Milwaukee to lead the event.

“Ceci is a certified Zumba instructor, so whenever we are down [in Guatemala] we do a lot of Zumba with the kids to get them moving and change things up,” Reckmeyer said.

The night also consisted of bake sales and bracelet sales.

“I danced very well at Zumba night. I ate some snacks and drank some beverages after dancing,” said Tony Qian, senior.

The club would love to see Zumba night continue to grow and expand in the near future.

“Hopefully Zumba night will become the next Colectivo Night,” Liegel said.

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