Best Buddies has a plethora of spring events- Part 2


Prom dress sale raises club funds

Best Buddies is selling secondhand prom dresses, $25 each, to raise money for their club. The sale, which takes place in the foods room, started on March 21 and goes until prom on April 16.

“[The goal is] for people to get cheap, $25 prom dresses without having to go to a store,” said Sadie Wolfe, freshman.

“Not everybody has … $400 to spend on a dress,” said Christina Gagne, special education teacher.

The money goes to helping the club pay the Best Buddies of Wisconsin organization, but anything extra will go to future trips.

“Just to be a Best Buddies chapter, you have to pay them dues at the end of each school year. So every chapter does a fundraiser of some sort,” said Alice Svetic, senior.

Because the club had no money, they needed to raise some and came up with the idea for the sale.

“We wanted to find something that we could do every year … so that we don’t have to reinvent something and so we can continue to get more and more dresses,” Gagne said.

According to Gagne, they collected many dress donations.

“People have been super generous. When we started we had almost 75 dresses,” Gagne said.

4 prom
(Olivia Loomis) Meghan Curtis, senior, browses for a prom dress at the Best Buddies sale. Profits will help the group pay dues and fund trips.

“We got a lot of dresses — more than I expected,” Wolfe said. “People seem really interested in it even if they’re not buying because [the dresses] are so cheap and they are really good.”

Best Buddies plans to make the sale an annual event. They will store any dresses they do not sell this year and use them in the sale next year to continue expanding their selection.

Gagne and Wolfe said the sale did not take too much preparation.

“Really it was just making signs so people would know, and to collect the dresses and organize them into sizes and make sure they were nice. If any of them were dirty or ripped, we wouldn’t sell them,” Wolfe said.

Despite the posters hung around the school, Gagne said the turnout on the evening they opened could have been better.

“We need to have better advertising because we just didn’t have enough people last night,” Gagne said.

Wolfe said the timing was a challenge and that they are busier during lunch than after school.

“A lot of people already bought their dress, but there are a good amount of people that haven’t. And people are coming from other places too, not just Shorewood,” Wolfe said.

“We’re just going to open it up at noon every day and people can come in and look,” Gagne said. “The [dresses] are really nice; some of them still have the tags on them.”

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