Aladdin Junior entertains viewers


SIS students have opportunity to collaborate in entertaining show

Shorewood Intermediate School preformed Aladdin Junior, much to the delight of the community and students involved, on Friday, March 11 and Saturday, March 12 at 7:00 P.M.

“I found the show to be both highly entertaining and interesting. It was well done with a really talented cast,” said Layna Wang, freshman.

The cast consisted of seventh and eighth graders, a mix of both returning and new actors.

“I did Ms. Van Loon’s Shorewood Drama Junior classes in fourth grade and then my commitment escalated to where it is now, with me being in the middle school show,” said Vivien Janairo, eighth grader and ensemble member.

Janairo is passionate about theater and plans to continue auditioning in the future, as Aladdin was a great experience for her.

“Drama is a really great community, especially in this show, we’ve all become friends. I love it,” Janairo said.

Despite not receiving a lead, Janairo had just as much fun, and received just as much out of the process.

“I was in the ensemble of the show last year … and this year I’m in ‘higher’ ensemble, but honestly I’m really lucky to be a part of the show,” Janairo said.

Not just the middle school students participating worked hard on the show.

A combined group of technicians from the middle school and high school did as well.

“I put tons of time into Aladdin, Monday through Friday and sometimes on the weekends, but that never bothers me. We have a good time and get a lot done,” said Ikshvak Sobti, freshman and stage manager.

10 aladdin
(courtesy Joe King) The cast of Aladdin Junior smile after a successful performance. The show was high energy and fun, introducing a group of young performers to the big stage.

The cast experienced some stress regarding their limited rehearsal time, and packed tech week, although this did not affect the opening night of the show.

Some would even vouch that this cram time is normal, and even fun.

“My favorite part of the process is the way things get put together. Working on a show is like a giant puzzle where, in the end, everything gets put into place, sometimes not till opening night,” Janairo said.

Of the middle schoolers in the cast, there were little to no complaints about any of the requirements they had to meet.

“Some people may say that the only negative is that rehearsals can run long but really, it’s all part of the process so I don’t mind,” Janairo said.

Open auditions were held, and soon after, a cast list was posted, complete with students of all backgrounds and skill sets.

“Auditions are a little spooky at first, but I’ve done a few now, so I’m more used to it, and the director’s and stage managers here are all so friendly, which makes everything easier,” Janairo said.

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