After 120 years, funeral home remains influential


Feerick celebrates anniversary of their local buisness this year

Feerick Funeral Home, a local funeral business, celebrates its 120th anniversary this year.

“We’re family-owned, family-run,” said Kyle Feerick, funeral director. “It’s wonderful to be able to help people through those difficult times.”

Kyle is the fifth generation of Feerick to be in the business, and has been working at the family business since he was 16.

The family business started with a man named William Feerick. Living on a farm in the Wauwatosa area, William started a delivery service using a horse and carriage, taking things to and from town. He was well known for this service, mostly because his horses had plumes and were easily recognizable. In 1896, he decided to begin his own funeral home while still continuing to be a delivery service. The family business moved to Shorewood in 1933.

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(Ben Davis) Feerick Funeral home on Capitol Drive in Shorewood will celebrate its 120th year of business this summer. The home has been in the Feerick family for four generations.

“It’s great to be able to work with your family and carry on a tradition that’s been going on for a long time,” Kyle said.

Patrick Feerick, fourth generation, is also a funeral director.

“It’s a very emotional business,” Patrick said. “People are really counting on us; you can’t just go back and redo a funeral.”

Feerick Funeral Home is a small home with five staff members.

“Most people don’t have any idea how much time goes into all the preparation, behind the scenes. They don’t realize the amount of dedication and commitment we have to put in,” Patrick said. “Every family, everybody deals with death in a different way, whether it’s for someone who had an early death or someone who has had a wonderful life and passed away at 95.”

The unique thing about the Feerick home is that they do everything they can to help out the family.

“We make sure the same person is following through from beginning to end,” Patrick said.

When a family first approaches the business, the director present spends time getting to know the family and the person.

“It’s such an honor to help people honor someone that they really love,” Patrick said.

The Feerick Funeral Home is planning to have a summer event to celebrate their 120 years in the community.

“I was able to get from Mayor Tom Barrett a proclamation of ‘120 Years of Family Owned Business’ to hang in the funeral home,” Kyle Feerick said.

Kyle is also known outside of the business.

“I’m kind of known as a mortician musician,” Kyle said. “I play at Harry’s Bar and Grill every Thursday night. It’s great to see families that I’ve worked with in a different environment; it’s a nice balance in my life.”

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