Student art showcased


Residents will be able to browse the artwork of students from all Shorewood schools during the annual District Art Show at the Shorewood Public Library until April 5.

“The art teachers throughout the district all choose about 5075 works a piece and we display them all amongst each other at the Shorewood Public Library,” said Jeff Zimpel, art department chair.

The Art Show features a variety of mediums of art coming from visual art and graphic design students.

The showcase combines work from students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

“We really made sure to integrate the work, so next to an AP college level art piece, there is also kindergarten or third grade work … You can really see the juxtaposition between the two,” said Jessica Mohagen, art teacher. “It’s a great way to show off artists with talent in our community.”

Lilli Musto, sophomore and art student, has participated in and enjoyed the show for years. Musto’s graphic design work is featured this year.

“The first year I did it I was in fifth grade,” Musto said. “There’s the whole reception night which is cool.”

According to Zimpel, the teachers look for several things when selecting pieces for the show.

“We look for quality … we look for the pieces that we feel took a project as far as it could go. We look for a variety of pieces, a variety of takes on the same project,” Zimpel said.

The show is an opportunity for students to showcase their work outside of the walls of the school.

“It’s nice that it’s in a focal community spot that a lot of people go to and see … not just high school, … the whole community,” Musto said.

Mohagen hopes the community will be impressed by the work.

“The quality that these students can create starting from kindergarten through high school,” Mohagen said. “These kids work really hard. It’s inspiring to see … the amount of work, and let alone the variety.”

Musto believes that the art will reach the community beyond what they just see.

“I think … they’ll see that art has an impact,” Musto said.

The annual District Art Show runs through April 5 at the Shorewood Public Library.

“We value the art as a way to express personal voice … We have a lot of interesting voices throughout students in Shorewood and I think that is obvious in the show,” Zimpel said. “Go check it out.”

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