Lipo Zovic hopes to improve collaboration


Joanne Lipo Zovic is running for reelection to retain the seat she was appointed to fill earlier this year after Rob Reinhoffer’s resignation. She is one of three candidates running for school board, with two seats up for election this spring.

Her primary concern as a candidate is ensuring the continued success of the district.

“[I am] a very staunch and long-term supporter of the school district and I think that is excellent, and I want to make sure that that excellence continues,” Lipo Zovic said.

As a parent, class volunteer, room parent and involved member of parent organizations such as Orchestra Boosters, the Shorewood Recreation Department Advisory committee and various ad hoc committees, Lipo Zovic sees her varied involvement in the district as a strength. She has also been involved in the schools for 20 of her 28 years in the district.

“I have a very deep and committed pattern of service to the district … and I understand the big picture, and the small details,” Lipo Zovic said.

Lipo Zovic teaches negotiation at UWM and at Marquette Law School, is involved in training people in mediation, has trained as an attorney and worked in business.

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( Joanne Lipo Zovic will run for a seat in the 2016 School Board elections.

“I bring a lot of different professional perspectives … and I think I also work in a way that is very collaborative, so I work in an environment that fosters working together,” Lipo Zovic said.

One issue Lipo Zovic sees facing the board chronically is funding. She recognizes how schools are under attack and says the district has to be thoughtful and creative in finding solutions, recognizing donors like SEED, alumni and the work of Ted Knight in finding alternative funding sources.

As a board member, Lipo Zovic would hope to continue to support the administration in their efforts to better the community, such as the Shorewood Schools Summit visioning event the district held at the end of February. She sees the Summit results as clarifications and affirmations for the work of the board.

“There’s always going to be issues that pop up, but we can’t lose sight of the big picture, so I think this visioning summit helps to give us a very long term target of where we want to go so we keep focus on progress,” Lipo Zovic said. “[As a board], we have to move through our differences productively and create a collaborative environment.”

“I have had had four kids who have had an outstanding education and experience growing up here, and I want to make sure that’s available for the kids on my block and in the community — this is my way to pay it forward,” Lipo Zovic said. “I want everybody to focus on that, at its core, we all care about this community; we all care about our schools; we all care about our kids, and we should focus on what unites us, and not what divides us.”

Elections are Tuesday, April 5.

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