DeBlois focused on future


Hilary DeBlois is one of three candidates running for school board, with two seats up for election this spring. DeBlois has lived in the district for eight years and has two daughters at Lake Bluff, ages 7 and 4.

DeBlois initially got involved in school board politics a couple years ago when her daughters’ educations were affected by the space issues at Lake Bluff. Her interest in running for the board rose from her worries of the effect of the state political climate on public education.

“It was kind of a growing concern of mine, given my background in government, how to protect Shorewood and Shorewood’s excellence in education given all the changes in the state and the backward approach that they take to education,” DeBlois said.

With children in their early years at Lake Bluff, DeBlois sees the future of the district as a priority.

“I have young kids … when you think about how long they’ll be in the district and so many things that we know now could be totally different for those kids and [we need to think of] how to prepare students for an unknown future,” DeBlois said.

She also sees importance in maintaining a focus on students at all levels of the learning spectrum. DeBlois is concerned that every decision should look at every kid, and when you have to decide between two options, to make sure it’s the best decision for all the kids and the kids to come.

4b hilary
( Hilary DeBlois is a candidate for this year’s School Board elections.

“Why I decided to do this was to make sure that our district is really keeping all families engaged and looking at kids of all talents and abilities on the learning spectrum,” DeBlois said.

One of her strengths is her professional background in community relations. Working in the Senate under former Senator Russ Feingold (who stopped by to endorse her at a meet and greet event on Sunday, March 15) for 10 years, with five in Washington and five as a regional coordinator in southeast Wisconsin, she decided that government and community relations were her passion, and now in these areas at local organizations in the Milwaukee area.

“When you work in government you are exposed to so many different ideas, and different policies, different priorities and it’s really your job to take all those things and make sense of them,” DeBlois said. “When you hear the different ways that people are impacted in government, it totally solidified, for me, the need for good government.”

DeBlois encourages the community to consider voting for her.

“My kids are young, so I don’t have the longevity of being in the district as some of the other board members do, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing,” DeBlois said. “And while I am knowledgeable about the history of our district, I am looking toward the future and how we can approach a future that is drastically different than today.”

Elections are Tuesday, April 5.

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