Issue 7 preview: Black History Month editorial teaser


Students dance to “Formation” by Béyonce at the Black History Month poetry slam.

Issue 7 of Ripples comes out on Wednesday next week! Read a teaser of our editorial about Black History Month and diversity in Shorewood Schools, on our website. Get the rest of the editorial and the rest of Ripples Issue 7 next week.

Since February has been proclaimed Black History Month, the editors of Ripples believe it is a public institution’s job to properly educate its students on African American culture, and especially format the curriculum to emphasize this cultural aspect of our nation during its celebratory 29-day span. However, the high school did little of the sort.

We did not discuss African American happenings in class; February was seemingly no different from any other month. We all attended the Black History Month program in the auditorium on February 24, but then went back to our classes, filled with predominantly white students and teachers, and did not discuss African American life further.

One of our editors later attended the Black History Month program’s follow-up conversation during lunch on March 9, which had been advertised as an open forum for all students to talk about the production’s impacts. However, the editor was the only non-African American to attend. And she’s not even fully Caucasian. 100% of students in attendance were minorities, when only 31% of the student body actually is.

There are very few opportunities for the residents of our school to learn about black culture, even during the celebratory month created to emphasize it. However, even when these opportunities did arise, our student body failed to appreciate them.

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