The Bachelor raises money for Harris family

The Bachelor, a student council fundraiser, returns to SHS for its third year on February 26. The show will be held in the SHS Auditorium at 7 p.m. and tickets are $5, which goes toward the charity of the year, the Mark Harris Family Fund.

Elena Cruz, senior, co-created the event and has been organizing it for the past three years.

“The high school needed a new fundraiser to replace Miss Shorewood, which was unfortunately banned from the district, so they came to us to help them create a new production,” Cruz said.

Cruz was selected because she helped to organize Miss Shorewood, a beauty pageant where boys dress as girls, her freshman year.

Aside from the date portion at the end of the event and the time of year it occurs, The Bachelor represents a departure from its older counterpart. It consists of three onstage portions followed by an offstage portion. The show begins with introductions, where the contestants are introduced by the hosts and pose before the audience. A talent portion and finally a question portion follow this.

Talents of past performances have been everything from song covers to groups of seniors singing The Sound of Music with the lyrics changed to be about The Lord of the Rings.

“It’s pretty free-range, the boys just figure it out by themselves with the guidance of the organizers,” Cruz said.

This will be Reed Falkner’s, sophomore, second year performing.

(Shilei Bell-Lipsey) The Bachelor participants rehearse for dance number, “Cell Block Tango.” The Bachelor is on February 26 in the auditorium.

“Last year I was in the “Single Ladies” dance with some other people … the rehearsals leading up the show were really fun, and you get free ice cream [at the end of the show] so it was worth it,” Falkner said.

This year’s show will be hosted by Cruz, who will be joined onstage by Jacqueline Klisch, junior. Kyle Tsuchiyama, senior, Josue Bayle, junior, and Olivia Poole and Jenna Just, freshmen, are also organizers of the event.

“I’m excited for all the talents. They all just seem really funny and energetic, so I’m sure a lot of the girls will be excited to bid on them,” Klisch said.

“The show is special every year. We have a completely new group of boys and talents that’s very different than previous years,” Cruz said.

Three teachers, Jeff Zimpel, art department chair, Jason Lowery, Spanish teacher, and Patrick Sullivan, social studies teacher, will also be performing. Their act is “Cell Block Tango” from the musical Chicago.

“I think [The Bachelor] is pretty unique … I’m pretty excited,” Lowery said. “I have no musical or performance talents to speak of, so I’m just excited to be out there with a bunch of seniors, having fun and raising money for a good cause.”

This will be Cruz’s last year with the show that she created.

“It’s strange. In senior year a lot of things come to an end, but I’m really excited to pass off The Bachelor to [Klisch]. She’s really organized and really knows what she’s doing, so I’m really excited that she’s going to be the person to take that on next year,” Cruz said.

Cruz encourages everyone to come out to watch the show.

“Even if you’re not as involved in the school, … it’s definitely something fun to see if you’re in for a laugh,” Cruz said.

by Monica Dix

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