Senior scores record 1000th career point

Jada Stackhouse, senior, scored her 1,000th career point during the basketball game against Heritage Christian High School on January 12.“It was really exciting: I actually scored exactly 21 points to get the 1,000th point,” Stackhouse said. “After the game was over, I had exactly 1,000 points; not below and not over.”

Stackhouse felt a combination of many emotions. She scored on a free throw, having missed the first shot prior to making the 1,000th point.“I just went out and did what I had to do. I was upset that I missed the first free throw, but I think it added more intensity and more suspense,” Stackhouse said. “I was extremely excited [and] … relieved that I got the 1,000th point.”

Only two other women have reached this total in all of Shorewood history.“Girls basketball started in the state of Wisconsin in 1972,” said Jeff Eimers, varsity girls basketball coach, “and Jada is the third young lady to score 1,000 points in her career.” The other women are still affiliated with the district.

“Annie [Leo’s, senior,] mom actually scored the 1,000th point, and then our assistant coach, [Amanda Schick, class of 2007,] from two years ago did, too. We all know each other,” Stackhouse said.

These two women joined Stackhouse and her team in a congratulatory celebration. Immediately after scoring, a timeout was called and Stackhouse received that game ball. The commemorations later continued during the game against Cudahy, occurring the next Friday.

(Shilei Bell-Lipsey) Jada Stackhouse, senior, shoots during a home game against South Milwaukee High School. Stackhouse is now the third Shorewood girl to ever score 1,000 points.

“The team got me a signature ball … and a big blow-up picture frame with a whole bunch of pictures of me playing basketball. It was really sweet and I loved it,” Stackhouse said.

The team supported Stackhouse in her accomplishment, members saying she deserved it.“Everyone loves Jada … She’s always smiling or laughing or telling funny jokes, making me laugh all the time; she’s a great one. I’ve just been lucky to play with her all of these years,” said Meghan Curtis, senior. “She’s very talented.”

Stackhouse’s playing ability has shown itself through a consistent position on the varsity team. In all of Eimers’ six years as a coach, Stackhouse is only the second player to have been on varsity since freshman year.

“If the team is pretty good, then you have to be very, very talented to crack the lineup, which was the situation with Jada. We were a pretty good team when Jada came on as a freshman, but she was still good enough to make the team,” Eimers said. “I’ll make this statement: Jada Stackhouse, if she isn’t the most talented athlete at Shorewood High School, then she would be one of the top three. And I’m talking about male and female. She is extremely, athletically gifted.”

However, Stackhouse is not only an award-winning basketball player.“There’s volleyball, which she also happens to be very good at. She’s tremendous and she is super passionate about it, which helps, but she also has that natural talent and drive that just sets her apart from everyone else,” Curtis said.

Stackhouse will continue her volleyball career at Cornell University after she leaves SHS. She is also considering playing basketball, but she is factoring in academics with her scheduling.

“I’m actually playing volleyball in college at Cornell University,” Stackhouse said. “It’s going to be stressful going to an Ivy League school and playing a sport–even just playing one–but I don’t know: if I can, I might [play basketball] if the coach sees my potential on the team.”

“I think the thing to know about Jada is that as great of an athlete as she is, she knows the bigger calling is the education … I think that is phenomenal that a young lady her age is so much aware of that: that she’s appreciative that she gets to go to college and do a sport, but at the same time she knows that the rest of her future will be getting that education,” Eimers said.”She deserves all of the recognition that she has received,” Eimers said. “She is truly something special, and she is truly a coach’s dream.”

By Elena Cruz

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