New librarians make LMC more comfortable

The SHS Library Media Center (LMC) is at its prime. For the first time in years, students view the LMC as a place they want to go. The addition of new librarians and improved technology has helped the library become a terrific gathering place for students.

For the first three years of my time at SHS, the LMC was never a happy place. As an underclassman with no free periods, I spent very little time in the LMC and only heard of the wrath of the librarians from upperclassmen. It wasn’t until last year when I really got to see the desolate social environment of the library first hand. Last year, a notorious group of seniors were banned from the library for being too noisy. Another handful of kids were thrown out for eating, and yet another student was banished for taking a nap. This year we have not had nearly as many behavioral incidents. While some of this is due to the better behavior of SHS students, I firmly believe the addition of Monica Purifoy and Sarah Stoffregen, librarians, has a lot to do with the LMC’s recent success.

SHS students have reacted very positively to the addition of the new librarians. Monica and Sarah are willing to work with students and are willing to compromise. They are young and go by their first names, all of which makes them feel more accessible to students than librarians of the past.

Last year, the frequent banning of students from the LMC only encouraged students to act up and continue their unruly behavior. This year, the new librarians have other ways of making sure students are not acting up in the LMC. Rather than confiscating food or throwing students out, students are simply asked to leave the LMC to eat and to return when we are done. For example, I had food confiscated twice last year, but the first time I ate in the LMC this year, the librarians asked me to leave, rather than taking my food or banning me for two weeks. This approach to the food problem has encouraged students like myself to follow the rules of the library and take food, loud conversation and naps outside of the LMC.

(Olivia Loomis)

The technology available for student use has also improved drastically this year. While Chromeboo­­­­ks were available for students to use last year, this year’s librarians have been encouraging their use. One of the problems with the library in previous years was that students were always fighting over the limited number of desktop computers. Chromebooks allow students with free periods to have access to computers all while leaving the desktops for the use of classes in the library.

One other addition to the library is the new computer designated for quick printing. This computer is always logged in with the Internet open ready for students to use on the go. Any SHS student will tell you that there is nothing worse than needing to print a paper before class and having to wait five minutes for the computer and the Internet to start up. Small changes to the technology of the library like these have helped make the library a prime study space for SHS students. So, thank you to the administration and librarians for making the LMC a more inviting place for students to work.

By Olivia Holbrook

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