Custodian joins SHS staff


Bill Weinfurter joined the SHS custodial staff for the 2015-2016 school year. Weinfurter previously served as custodian at Atwater Elementary School for 10 years, and before that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for 23 years.

Weinfurter primarily works in the performing arts building. Joe King, drama teacher and director, sees Weinfurter on a regular basis and they have developed a friendly relationship.

“He cleans my room and the auditorium every day,” King said. “We like to joke about sports and the Packers and the Indianapolis Colts and various college teams. He’s a nice guy.”

Weinfurter is no stranger to the drama students, either.

“He’s really nice to talk to whenever we have rehearsals … he’s really supportive and he supports that we’re there,” said Makayla Campbell, sophomore.

(Sydney Widell) Bill Weinfurter, custodian, poses during his nightly rounds. He has developed posi- tive relationships with students and teachers since he joined the staff last fall.

Clayton Holbrook, freshman, appreciates Weinfurter’s friendliness and hard work.

“He works really hard after school and puts in a lot of work for us to keep the building clean and I see him every day,” Holbrook said.

Weinfurter grew up in Wauwatosa with his four sisters and three brothers. After going through the Wauwatosa school system, he studied cabinetmaking at MATC.

“I did woodworking in high school and junior high school, so I made a lot of my furniture and my cutting boards and bowls,” Weinfurter said.

During his free time, Weinfurter enjoys baking and watching sports on television.

“I like to watch sports on TV. I do a lot of baking,” Weinfurter said. “[I bake] mainly breads and pies and I’ve been doing that for many years” … “[My favorites are] date bread and nut bread.”

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