Administration gets an addition


Student support office hires replacment secretary

Jess McCabe started as the new student support secretary at the start of the new semester on January 25 after Molly Loucks, the former secretary, left.

Loucks left for a position in a different school district.

“I know that she is greatly missed but she has moved on to better places for her,” said Molly Norris, counselor.

McCabe previously worked as the athletic secretary at Shorewood for one and a half years. Interviews are bring held for her position. McCabe will still cover a few of the roles of the athletic secretary while the transition is in progress.

“It was a hard decision to make, I really liked working in the athletic office with all the athletes and coaches but then I was just ready for a change,” McCabe said.

McCabe originally started working for the Shorewood Swim Club, where she was at the high school most of the time, but she wanted to do more for the school. When the athletic secretary position opened up, it was the perfect opportunity, and she applied for the job.

McCabe is permanently hired.

“I think a fresh face has been really good for the students especially those who knew Jess from athletics, I think it was very comforting because change can be hard,” Norris said.

According to Norris and Grace Reckmeyer, senior, the transition has been fairly smooth, especially considering her first week was the student support offices busiest week of the year.

(Olivia Loomis) Jess McCabe, new student support services secretary smiles on the job. McCabe made the move from the athletic office at the start of second semester.

“I think there was a little bit of chaos but that was normal for anyone getting into a new job,” Reckmeyer said.

“I was worried about [the time of the transition] and she really stepped up,” Norris said.

The students have been pleased.

“She likes to make sure everyone is taken care of and she is very enthusiastic, so she is a great addition,” Reckmeyer said.

According to McCabe, one of the best parts of her new job is having more interaction with the students every day, although she does miss knowing how the different sports teams are doing.

According to Reckmeyer in the past two years McCabe has been a great help to her with dance team which McCabe coaches for, tennis and softball.

“She has been a huge factor in helping with my last two years,” Reckmeyer said.

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