University LGBT Discrimination Exemptions are Not Acceptable

In reference to records provided by the U.S. Department of Education, over 60 religious Universities have requested exemptions from the 1972 law banning federally funded schools to discriminate against individuals on the basis of sex. This law is primarily applied to hiring and admissions, or other issues concerning each university.

43 of the applications have been filed, while 22 have been approved this year. This is an unconstitutional exemption applied to universities that are funded by the government, allowing whole organizations to discriminate based on sex or other means.

One of the most shocking details is that none, not one of these requests, have ever been denied.

However, the current spike in the request of exemptions has not been solely seeking discrimination based on sex. These universities seek to ban all LGBT individuals, including any homosexual, bisexual, or transgender students.

An anonymous official of the Department of Education states that applicants have overwhelmingly sought to ban or discriminate against LGBT students or faculty under the Obama Administration.

Due to the formation of our government and society, as a free country, these beliefs would be perfectly acceptable. Yet unfortunately, these exemptions are not acceptable at all – they directly violate the constitution – as a program the government has publicly funded is discriminating based on separate beliefs.

“If schools want to engage in sex discrimination, the federal government should not be funding it with taxpayer dollars,” said Catherine E. Lhamon, the secretary for civil rights in the Department of Education.

As always, all LGBT news is important to our community, to fight for the rights of each and every person, and their freedom to express themselves. Inequality will not be tolerated, especially in Shorewood schools.

by Michael Sibila

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