Students would benefit from earlier exams

Final exams should be taken before winter break in order to prevent unnecessary psychological stress.

Currently, exam week is two weeks after student return from break, and by moving it, students would be able to enjoy their vacation without worrying about studying for exams.

Studying for final exams during the holidays is not the first thing that comes up in the minds of students in spite of the nearby testing date. As a result, I have seen students repeatedly panic the few days before returning to school, realizing that they have many too tasks to complete.

On the other hand, students who do in fact choose to prepare for these exams over winter break do not have the chance to enjoy this valuable time with their family and friends. The purpose of winter break is to be able to relax and take some time off, not to spend time worrying about exams.

Once school resumes after break, students need the time to mentally grasp what is currently going on in their classes, as well as remember an entire semester’s worth of work. This results in a less prepared student who feels anxiety with a sudden burden of academic pressure.

By taking semester exams earlier, before winter break, students have one less thing to worry about in their lives.

Moreover, the completion of final exams before break gives students something to look forward to, as a break after exams can be rewarding and will form a smoother, fresh transition into second semester.

Furthermore, students are more naturally inclined to study more before break because they are more focused on school, and the class material is still fresh in their minds.

Also, students have multiple final exams to prepare for which means more study time is necessary in order to feel confident. With this lack of time, students finish the semester with a feeling of insecurity and regret, which has a negative impact on the overall mental health of the student body.

Moving forward, completing all final exams before break should be taken into consideration, as both exam grades and the overall wellness of the student population can be improved by doing so.

by Akshaya Kannan

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