Sophomore heads off to Hawaii

From December 17-29, Tulsi Shah, sophomore, explored Hawaii for the first time – that she can remember.

“It wasn’t my first time in Hawaii. I went when I was about one year old … so I don’t remember it but I have been there before,” Shah said.

Shah’s trip spanned two islands of Hawaii: Maui and Kauai. Shah and her family visited Maui first.

“We took a really great hike to a waterfall … There was a halfway point where there was a huge banyan tree and that was really beautiful,” Shah said. “We reached the waterfall and my mother and I went up to it, and we stood under it and it was making a full circular rainbow.”

Shah also drove down Maui’s winding Hana highway.

“A few days into our trip we drove the Hana highway, which is like a big highway that is great for sightseeing,” Shah said.

Additionally, Shah experienced the surrounding waters by taking a surfing lesson.

“We also did some surfing in Maui and that was really fun. We met with an instructor and he took [us] out … We had to wear these boots for the coral in case our feet touched it,” Shah said.

The second half of Shah’s trip was spent in the separate island of Kauai and was more relaxed.

“Kauai was really gorgeous. but it was definitely a quieter sort of feel … A lot of things would shut down at nine and nothing was going on after that,” Shah said.

According to Shah, she also surfed and hiked in Kauai. Hiking was her favorite aspect of her vacation, but her hike in Kauai was more challenging.

“In Kauai we took another really great hike along the Napali coastline and it was actually really rainy. It was raining on and off so it was really slippery [and] kind of challenging,” Shah said.

A part of Shah’s trip that was not so pleasant was when she got seasick during a snorkeling tour.

“One day we went on this five-hour boat tour for snorkeling, and usually I don’t really get motion sickness or sea sickness, but three hours into this thing … there were really big waves,” Shah said.  “I was feeling fine and all of the sudden this girl in front of us threw up and there were all these big waves and all these people getting sick and I started getting really sick. So I had to go down to the bottom and went on the ground because I was feeling so sick, and for the rest of the two hours I was just sitting in a corner.”

Apart from that experience, Shah had fun in Hawaii, and in the future, she hopes to return.

“The main thing I got out of it was just being in total nature … I hope to go back because of the atmosphere there,” Shah said.

by Madeline Wilson

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