Good Season for Girls Hockey

The girls hockey team has continued its leading season, existing as a co-op between Shorewood, the University School of Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, DSHA and Nicolet.

This year there are only three players that come from SHS. They all are freshmen.

“There are three people from our school. They’re all freshmen. It’s Karly Lamoreaux, Hannah Neudorfer and I,” said Isabel Schmitt, freshman.

The team has reportedly had a strong couple of matches.

“We are playing well. We have played some tough teams and played very well. We’ve had everyone contributing and stepping up each game. It is great to see the girls are having fun.” said Jacob Haury, head coach.

They have almost won each and every game that they have played this season.

“Our team is doing very well. We have won 12 games, lost one and tied one,” said Karly Lamoreaux, freshman.

Even though this year, the team has a lot of freshmen and few upperclassmen – there are nine freshman, six sophomores, four juniors and three seniors – Haury is assured of their strength.

“I am very confident in this team. We are young but we have played some very high level games already, and our younger players have helped their own. The younger girls … are becoming very confident in themselves and their abilities.” Haury said.

According to Schmitt, it is because of their good teamwork they could defeat most of the competators.

“We play as a team, which is kind of what brings the other teams down because usually the teams that we see, they play as individuals. We kind of break them down like that because the individuals at the end gets tired. We’ve been winning a lot of games that way … I think we have a really easy time with trusting each other,” Schmitt said.

The team had their issues earlier in the season, but along the way they bonded like family.

“At the beginning of the season, we were all getting used to playing with each other. We didn’t trust each other. So we tried to do a lot of the things by ourselves. However over time, we’ve grown to trust and it has shown during games,” said Hannah Neudorfer, freshman.

The members like being part of the team.

“I love our team. Having to put on so much gear and spend a lot of time in our locker room gives us quality time to get to know each other and to create a family of 5 different rival schools. This team has their ups and downs but I couldn’t be happier with how well everyone gets along and how it shows on the ice,” Lamoreaux said.

“I love the team. It’s a great team to be part of … It’s been a lot better experience than any hockey [team] I have ever played in my life” Schmitt said.

“I love the team very much. We are all one huge giant family,” said Neudorfer.

The team practices everyday at USM Rink by Brown Deer after school at 3:45, sometimes switching it up to be at 5:15. At the practices, they do everything from weight lifting to shooting drills.

“Before practice we will have off ice. We stick handle, go into the shooting room or go lift in the weights room.

When we go onto the ice we mostly do drills and stations. At the end of practice there is always a little extra time for on ice conditioning,” Lamoreaux said.

“These girls really enjoy playing together. They are playing hard for one another and they are very determined to give their absolute best day in and day out,” said Haury.

The team has achieved some of their goals from early of the season.

“We have made lots of goals. Our number one goal was to be able to trust our teammates. I believe that we have done that,” Neudorfer said.

They all agree that the coach is a great hockey coach.

“I love the coach. He’s a really nice guy. He has a good mixture of playfulness but then he also knows when and how to be strict,” Schmitt said.

The team thinks they could make to state level this year.

“I believe that if we all work our hardest and do the things we have learned, we can make it to state, ” Neudorfer said.

The girls hockey team would love more support from Shorewood High School.

“We need a larger fan section then we have right now. We would love the support from Shorewood and the games are super fun to watch,” Lamoreaux said.

“We would love support from all of the SHS students. Please come out and support the ladies,” Haury said.

by Yasmin Mohd Suhailin

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