Paris attacks hit close to home for Shorewood

On Friday, November 13, the infamous terrorist group ISIS committed multiple coordinated terrorist attacks. These attacks occurred almost simultaneously in France’s capital city, Paris. Death rates, recorded as of  November 14, were among 130 individuals, with upwards of 350 injured, 99 of which are severely injured. With suicide vests, grenades and assault rifles, the victims were murdered within a period of two hours and 20 minutes.

Restaurants in the 10th and 11th quarters of Paris were attacked, as well as the Bataclan, a sold out concert hall on the night of the shooting, housing 89 of the deaths independently. The Stade de France, a soccer stadium on the northern edge of Paris, was bombed as well, mid-game.

“I put two and two together that the city was under attack … I instantly got goosebumps,” said Evan Schmidt, GEAC coordinator and French teacher.

The three attackers at the Bataclan rounded up survivors and held them hostage for over two hours before police stormed the building and killed one of the three terrorists, the other two detonating their vests, killing themselves.

A movement has formed in grief over the attacks on Paris, known as “Pray for Paris.” In Milwaukee, an Eiffel Tower has been erected in honor and grief of the Paris attacks. A French native and intern at the French Immersion School, Nadia Moussaoui expressed graciousness in regard to the statue.

“It feels like a bit of France here. It feels like home, a bit,” Moussaoui said.

Christine Jacquart, world language department chair and French teacher, said that Shorewood and the language program reached out during the attacks. Ella Curran, senior performed “La Marseillaise,” the French national anthem, in the front of the school with a gathering of students in her wake.

A poster was also constructed and signed with small notes from students in honor of the tragedy.

In response to any threats from ISIS, Jacquart said that one must move on, to not stay in the dark and be fearful.

“There has to be a point where the good outweighs the bad, and not to succumb to all this,” Jacquart said. “We feel like our sister school is an extension of Shorewood High School, it’s what makes us international … it was the least I could do.” Jacquart said that the students would be reaching out to the pen-pal school, which is very near quarters 10 and 11.

by Michael Sibila

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