Injuries do not lower spirits

Micaela Gayner, junior, and her family had big plans for the long weekend over Thanksgiving. The plan was to spend the week together in New Hampshire skiing, enjoying the change in scenery and spending time relaxing away from work and school.

Despite best efforts though, the Gayners were forced to spend Turkey Day in at home, after a series of almost comical accidents causing them to stay in Milwaukee.

“It was a pretty crazy turn of events,” Gayner said. Over the course of only a few weeks, each member of the family was handicapped with some type of injury.

Gayner was the first, recovering from a stress fracture in her femur she suffered in the final weeks of the cross country season. Soon after, Mr. Gayner struggled with a flare of Achilles Tendonitis. Rather than slipping into his ski boots, he was restricted to wearing a boot to help heal the tendon.

graphic by Shimana Bose

The injuries continued when Gayner’s younger sister, Aiden, pinched a muscle in her lower back while training for the upcoming ski-racing season.

Finally, only a week before the scheduled trip, Mrs. Gayner, was involved in a minor car accident, straining muscles in her lower back.

“It was a long few weeks,” Gayner said. Needless to say, the Gayner’s opted for rest and relaxation, replacing ski poles for crutches.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t get away but we had a nice time here,” Gayner said.Together, they divided up dinner responsibilities, each member responsible for a food group.

“Dad took dumplings,” Gayner said, “Mom was in charge of turkey and Aidan and I made the pies.”

By Henry Fowler


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