Guests galore join meal

Thanksgiving is an exciting holiday for Veronica Madell, sophomore. “[Thanksgiving] is my favorite holiday because my birthday is usually right around there, the day after or before,” Madell said.

Madell celebrated this Thanksgiving at home, in Shorewood, with many other people.“My family hosts thanksgiving,” Madell said. “28 people came to our house.”

Madell’s house was filled with not only her family but also any friends that did not have anywhere to go. According to Madell, this open invitation is important to her family during the holiday.

“[The people at our Thanksgiving dinner] were mostly my family, but my mom … grew up where [they welcomed] everyone who doesn’t have anywhere to go, so a lot of friends who don’t travel [come to our house].” Madell said. “We ended up just having a whole mosh of people.”

Because so many people celebrated Thanksgiving at Madell’s house, they needed a lot of food and many tables in which to eat it.

“It is usually buffet style since there are so many people. The kid’s table is pretty rad,” Madell said. Madell’s grandma always brings pie and whipped cream – it is a tradition within the household. However, this brought the family slight dysfunction this year.

“My grandma always brings pie with whipped cream, which she forgot this year,” Madell said. Without the dessert addition, the family nevertheless continued to carry on. The Thanksgiving Day food that Madell looks forward to eating the most is stuffing, and that did in fact make an appearance at the table.

“I like stuffing. This year my dad made one and my mom made one,” Madell said.Overall, Madell thought visiting with her family was the best part about her Thanksgiving Day.“My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is seeing my family,” Madell said.

By Madeline Wilson 

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