Dinner is full of laughter

Sadie Wolfe, freshman, celebrated Thanksgiving with the usual food of turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. However, her family played a rather untraditional game after they ate their meal.

“We’ve been playing the game for three years now,” Wolfe said. The game involves an acknowledgement of the things each family member is thankful for.

“Everyone writes down what they are thankful for on a separate piece of paper,” Wolfe said. “We shuffle all the answers together and then we try to guess who wrote what.”

When they are all shuffled up, there are all sorts of answers. Some are funny and some discuss the classic thankfulness for friends and family. They then each take turns picking one piece of paper and then guessing whose it was. If they guess the wrong person, then they keep guessing until they figure out whose it was.

“A funny one this [Thanksgiving] was, there was a new giraffe at the zoo, and my cousin said he was thankful for the giraffe,” Wolfe said.

Most of the time Wolfe and her family cannot stop laughing because of the things her family members write down. When she gathers with her family she plays with 11 people, so it’s entertaining to see everyone’s answers.

“[We started playing this game when] we wanted something fun to do and had heard other versions of people doing it,” Wolfe said.

According to Wolfe, the best part of this game is that it only takes 30 minutes to play so they can eat dessert immediately after they finish the game.

By Bella Burns

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