Ski team hits the slopes

With only a five-week long racing season, the co-op ski team between Shorewood and Nicolet is preparing to begin their on-hill training.

“We have been doing dry land from the beginning of November, and are waiting for it to snow so we can get on the hills,” said Jack Schill, junior.

The team, made up of about 25 kids, lost 12 seniors in the last two years.

“We are kind of a young team this year,” said Terri Mclahon, head coach. “So really trying to get some of those JV players up on the varsity squad and in our short time schedule so we can qualify for the state championship will be challenge.”

The team made it to the state championships last year and is striving to go again.

“It’s a really an experience that is unlike anything they have ever been in before,” Mclahon said. “For most kids they really get only one crack at it, maybe two. It’s really an experience they don’t get anywhere else.”

According to Schill, getting to state will be harder this year because of team members they have lost recently.

(Courtesy of Justine Spore) Justine Spore, senior, skis during a race last winter. Spore looks forward to the new season, starting with dry land workouts and ending with a five week racing season.

“A lot of the other teams are bigger then ours and have more people, especially on the girls side,” Schill said. “There aren’t that many skiers for us, so that’s really our biggest challenge.”

Mclahon said many new underclassmen have joined this year, and he is pushing to get them up to the varsity level.

“It will be a flurry of activity trying to get some of these younger skiers to ski a little bit outside of their comfort zone and getting them to move up.”

According to Grace Reckmeyer, senior, the team also has competition within the team.

“There is a lot to of competition this year for spots on varsity,” Reckmeyer said. “We also don’t really have a JV team. It’s only like two people.”

Mclahon said that above all he wants to make sure everyone is having fun.

“As much as it is a sport in a competition it also kind of a social enterprise because the kids from the two schools form life long bonds that you don’t get from other sports,” Mclahon said.

According to Reckmeyer, because the team is mostly students from Nicolet, it has been challenging to make friends with them.

“It is about five of us to thirty of them so you really have to put yourself out there to get people to talk to you,” Reckmeyer said. “They are kind of in their own world and we are just joining theirs’ so you have to make an effort. But now people who have been on the team for awhile are really close with them.”


By Katie Eder

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