Hockey continues success

Although the WSN boys hockey team has a lower number of team members this year, their coach, Jeff Holk, is positive about their possibilities for success.

“Although we can’t beat everybody, our goal is to be competitive with anybody,” Holk said.

The team, made up of members from Whitefish Bay, Nicolet and Shorewood, began their season in early November. With 28 players total, eight hail from SHS. “Low thirties is a good number,” Holk said.

The team also has two SHS team managers, Li Kruchenkov, junior, and Madeline Medrek, sophomore.“The girls have been just great,” Holk said.

Holk has been coaching hockey for eight seasons, this year marking his fifth year with the WSN team. The team plays in the North Shore conference with four other teams, one of which is also a co-op.

(Jacob Burnham) Despite reduced numbers, WNS boys hockey still plans to remain competitive. The team competes against four other teams in the North Shore Conference.

Reed Falkner, sophomore and a member of the team, says that the best part about hockey is getting to know players from other schools.

“Meeting other kids is really fun,” Falkner said. Kruchenkov agrees.“Hockey is the only sport where three rivalry schools can come together and play a great game,” Kruchenkov said.

WSN practices Monday through Thursday at the Kern center downtown, as guests of MSOE. Games are mostly on weekends.

The hockey season will end with a state tournament the first week of March. WSN will play 24 regular season games, and at least one game in the state tournament.

WSN will play Kenosha Bradford at the Iceplex on December 16, at 7:15. The team’s first home game will be against Waukesha North on Saturday, December 19, at 2:30 at the MSOE Kern Center.

By Justine Spore

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