Boys basketball focuses on teamwork

The Shorewood boys basketball team started off the season with a win over Milwaukee School of Languages and looks to be in contention for a conference title come the end of the season.

The team hopes to improve on their 13-9 record from last year and snag a conference win. “I think we’re going to have a good season. We have a good chance to win conference,” said Shayne Carrington, senior and team captain.

Along with Carrington, the team returns three starters, including Mikael Green, junior and Chris Perine, senior.

This year’s team has a number of new players, including Julian Rodriguez and DeAndre Anderson, sophomores, who are both also new students, and Jonathan Bussen and Angelo DeCiccio, seniors.  After playing youth basketball, Bussen and DeCiccio decided to give high school basketball a try.

“They just wanted to be part of the family,” said Carrington. James Ewing, junior, believes that the addition of Bussen and DeCiccio has helped the team immensely from a leadership prospective.

“I think it [their joining] is really good for the team. As leaders, they really help the team focus more and stay under control. The team dynamic has changed a lot,” Ewing said. Matt Jones, SHS teacher, JV coach, and varsity assistant coach echoed Ewing’s thoughts.

“It is always difficult when you have kids going out for the first time as seniors, but … older kids definitely understand sports and the mentality we’re trying to create,” Jones said.

(Mateo Lipscomb) Chris Perine, senior, battles for the ball during a recent home game. The team’s goals include welcoming new players and winning the conference title.

With so many new players on the team, the beginning of the season has been all about integration for the Greyounds. Jones believes that one of the team’s primary goals is to learn how to play together and work as a solid group.

“The coaches are really trying to do drills and practice in a way that everyone can be on the same page so we can learn more about each other and how we play,” said Ewing.

Along with Shorewood, Brown Deer and Whitnall are in contention for the conference title. “Brown Deer will be difficult [to beat] and Whitnall has one of the best players in the conference, but so do we,” said Jones.

The Greyhounds’ Green was a dominant force in the conference last season and could be in the running for 1st team all-conference honors. In the team’s first game, Green scored 43 points.

The Hounds hope that the combination of a solid group of seniors providing leadership, along with three returning starters, will help them capture a conference title.

“Early on, I think we will be okay, but towards the end of the year when those [new] kids have had a whole season of varsity basketball, I think we’ll be much better,” said Jones.

By Olivia Holbrook 

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