Promise of progress for boys XC

The boys cross country team concluded their 2015 season, having placed 3rd at conference and 6th at state, using the motto, “Run as One,” to describe their season.

“It was a pretty massive rebuilding year for us this year, but I think we exceeded [the] expectations of everybody,” said Leo Fowler, sophomore. The team of 34 lost all but one of their top twelve runners when seniors graduated last year.

“For the group that rarely had varsity experience to compete at a high level at the state … I’m happy with the placing,” said Dominic Newman, head coach. Newman said their motto has really pushed them this year.

“The team aspect is not just the seven [varsity] runners; it’s everybody who’s part of it,” Newman said. “It’s the parents, the community and our alumni. That bond and connection you can get is so great.”

According to Cole Bauman, junior, many of the boys pushed themselves because of the absence of upperclassmen.

( courtesy Mara Kuhlmann) Cole Bauman, junior, celebrates the conclusion of his race with fellow teammates. Boys cross country ran as one at state and surpassed seasonal expectations.

“Since we had our entire varsity pretty much leave, we had a lot of guys step up and that’s what was needed,” Bauman said. “Everyone has stepped up at least a little bit from years past.”

Looking forward, Newman hopes to regain their state title and high standing. “I know the guys would like to get back and win the conference meet … they would like to make it back to the podium.”

Personally, Newman said he wants the underclassmen to continue with their growth. “We lost so many seniors last year that with this young team, they kind of were forced into a leadership role,” Newman said.

Fowler said the team is already beginning to do that. “Not having the senior leaders made some of the younger kids get involved and get more of a leader role,” Fowler said. “I think there will be a strong background when they get older.”

According to Newman, the team is discussing possible changes within the team, including a change in the motto as well as removal of the checkered pattern they are known for. However, Newman also said it is still up in the air.

By Katie Eder

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