Harbor Chase awaits license to open doors

In the past, many Shorewood seniors have questioned where they are going live once they need an extra level of assistance. To combat this dilemma, there is a new assisted living and memory care facility located in Shorewood.

Harbor Chase Shorewood is an assisted living facility with 35 memory care beds for people with dementia and 59 assisted living apartments for individual that need supportive care

The Harbor Chase is not open yet because they are waiting on a license from the state. “We are very hopeful that we are going to get our licenses soon,” said Rose Eucke, Director of Resident Services. As soon as the license is received a date will be set for the opening.

“We provide … a level of assistance from just checking in on people from medicine administration, helping people get dressed, transporting and those kinds of things but we also offer an extensive activity program,” said Michelle Carlson, Executive Director.

(Ben Davis) Harbor Chase senior living center stands, its newly available doors ready for the community. It has filled the gap for seniors still wanting to live in Shorewood.

Harbor Chase Shorewood takes pride in their extensive list of activities. “There is not just…arts and crafts in is more like from the start of the day when they get up dressed and that socialization, to meal time, to the day to day activities from arts and crafts, games to different outings,” said Ashley Knipple, Director of Memory Care.

These activities include Bingo, yoga, book clubs, badminton and outings like movies, plays, and Brewers or Bucks games.

“Activities are run all throughout the day for us,” Knipple said.  There are over six activities offered daily. It also offers many different dining options. “Here our residents get to chose from 5 almost 10 different options at every meal, “Carlson said.

One of Shorewood Harbor Chases’ goals is to become an active member of the Shorewood Community. They plan on connecting with Shorewood High School Students but not only for volunteer hours.

“Some of them may become our wait staff members here or help with activities,” Carlson said. They are also partnering with UWM to produce an art and theater production and with the elementary schools to create a reading buddy program.

“We are just as involved in the activities in Shorewood as we are with the activities in this building,” Eucke said. According to Carlson, Shorewood was looking for the right person to contract with, one that they felt comfortable with referring their residents to.

“Shorewood has been nothing but amazing to work with,” Carlson said. Harbor Chase was also looking for the right community. “Our company really likes to focus on smaller towns as well as being in a high traffic area,” Carlson said.

Shorewood is also a dementia friendly community, which was something Harbor Chase wanted. “We want to be the resource in the community about senior care to get help and guidance,” said Carlson. “Even if a resident cannot live with us.”

By Martha Dix

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