Gymnastics swings into winter season

The gymnastics team sprang into action with their first practice on November 9. This was the first year the team organized regularly scheduled preseason practices.

Preseason began about a month before the start of the season. The team met Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:00.

“The preseason was really fun because the girls were teaching and encouraging each other,” said Eliana Wasserman, senior.

The members and the coaches liked the newly scheduled preseason practices.  “It was good because … their peers kind of introduced them to the team,” said Kristin Fraser, JV coach.

The practices positively affected the atmosphere of the team. “I was able to make signs around the school to get people hyped about it [the start of the season],” Wasserman said.

(Maeve McKaig) The gymnatics team warms up at an after school practice. They are practicing for their first meet on December 9 in Whitefish Bay.

This year the team has many new younger members. “From what I’m seeing so far, there’s [a] much younger crowd than it has been: usually there are more juniors and seniors but there are a lot of underclassmen,” said Izzie Tasse, junior.

The team has many new members and they are still enjoying the chance to get to know each other. “It’s fun to see new faces and meet people I would never really see at school,” Wasserman said.

The team consists of old and new strong competitors this year. “I do think we have more depth than we had in the past,” Fraser said.

According to Fraser, the team has several strong girls that have been on the team for a few years and will compete for varsity in all four events. They also have some strong freshman and sophomores as JV members.

Gymnastic is not a school funded sport, so the team has to buy its own equipment. “We have to raise our own money. Everything that you see in here [in the upper gym] – the team raised the money for [it],” Fraser said.

This year the team is looking to fundraise and buy a tumble track. “[A tumble track is used] so, they can learn different tumbling passes, combinations, skills together and eventually when [they] feel confident, transfer to the regular floor,” said Fraser.

Both Tasse and Wasserman agree they want improve their skills this season. According to Fraser the team hopes to win a meet and send a few girls to state.

The team is also looking forward to pasta dinners, fire-ups and dressing up before meets. The team’s first meet is coming up soon on December 9 in Whitefish Bay.

By Martha Dix and Yasmin Mohd Suhailin

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