Acupuncture comes to Shorewood

In a tranquil, redesigned space on the northern border of Shorewood, Aubrey Contramaestre treats patients of all conditions in the hopes of creating a positive effect through acupuncture.

“If you put a positive energy out there it creates a ripple effect of positive energy so as people start to feel better and interact with people around them in a different, more upbeat positive energy, that just impacts every single person,” said Aubrey Contramaestre, owner and acupuncturist of Ananda Acupuncture and Healing Center.

Contramaestre opened Ananda in October at 4528 N. Oakland Ave.

“The reason for this build-out expanding is because it gives opportunity to really deliver an experience,” Contramaestre said. “It was an opportunity to really have a very intimate experience with patients … We’re building more of a team experience and we’re utilizing a lot of different tools, so it’s not just acupuncture.”

Ananda provides healing through acupuncture, reiki, herbs, homeopathies, essential oils and crystals, and will provide cranial sacral in the future.

Priscilla Dixon, acupuncturist, said Ananda has been well received.

“We’ve had a lot of interest from the community: just people [have been] stopping in and asking questions and as well as phoning us for information,” Dixon said. “We had a great, grand opening and we had Mrs. Fun for the band and we had great veggies and things to eat and some organic wine and it was really nice.”

Ananda focuses on healing both the emotional and physical body.

“A big thing is talking about authenticity and finding their purpose and passion … We really believe that people find that purpose and passion by practicing kindness and taking care of their bodies … prioritizing things that facilitate health and well-being,” Contramaestre said. “In taking care of yourself you’re in a better place to then give back and serve others.”

“[Acupuncture] is a really great resource that is relatively unknown especially with high school kids,” said Maeve McKaig, junior. “Taking care of yourself is the number one priority; it shouldn’t be your grade in AP Chemistry or going to as many clubs as you can at lunch – it has to be taking care of yourself. I don’t think you necessarily need to have an extreme ailment or injury to go; it’s just taking an hour for yourself to kind of just turn off your brain and let your body fix itself.”

Ananda treats a variety of conditions and the healing effects accumulate over time.

“When somebody within a family, or even just within a community, starts to feel better and they’re able to walk out into the community and look at things with a different view and react to things differently, it has a magnetic effect,” Contramaestre said.

Ananda provides patients with information about acupuncture.

“Obviously some people have prejudice against things that they don’t know … I think that acupuncture can definitely be one of those things, but … think Ananda stands for education and they’re really great to talk to and they have so much knowledge about this subject,” McKaig said.

“One of the things I know that we definitely want to give to people is an awareness that maybe they did not have about themselves personally or how they interconnect with others,” Dixon said. “That’s a huge goal, that awareness, and the more people we can tell, the more people we can help, the better it’s going to be.”

by Sabine Peterka

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