SHS needs greater variety of zero hour classes

There should be a wider variety of zero hour classes offered at Shorewood High School, as many students do not have enough room in their schedules to fit all of the classes that they would like to take in merely seven periods.

Not only would offering more zero hour classes give students the opportunity to take an extra class, but bringing about this change would only be helpful to students, not detrimental.

(Jack Schill)
(Jack Schill)

Additionally, with first hour being pushed back to 8:05 a.m., students would still have an ample amount of time to wake up in time for zero hour, which only begins at 7:10 a.m.

Other schools offer zero hour classes as early as 6:30 a.m., which may be a little too early.

However, our school does not coerce students into waking up incredibly early. This puts us at a great advantage, and it would be inapt to waste such a wonderful opportunity.

Apart from that, many students have a multitude of activities and other commitments to focus on, and it may be difficult for them to finish their homework in the time they are given after school.

By taking a zero hour class, students may potentially be able to finish a class earlier in the day and have a free period sometime during the school day, which may reduce the stress of having very little time to finish their work.

By offering classes other than Art and PE, students will be able to utilize their time in a productive manner, and this would be opportune for students who habitually wake up early.

There is also a rather noticeable amount of students who cannot focus in their first hour classes due to the fact that their brains have still not been warmed up, and the addition of zero hour classes may resolve this perennial issue.

Students should also be able to choose which class they would like to take during zero hour, giving them the freedom to pick a class that they feel comfortable taking in the morning to help stimulate their brain cells.

These electives are typically only one semester long, ensuring that if the student does not like taking a zero hour class, they do not have to enroll in another class the following semester.

As they come with an abundance of freedom, zero hour classes have the ability to give students more time and options to take an extra class, which is why we should not miss out on introducing more of them at our school.

by Pros and Kans (Akshaya Kannan)

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