Project nears completion

The construction underneath the bleachers on the football field is scheduled to be completed at the beginning of November. This project originally started with D2D back in 2010-2011, but when the funds ran out, construction was halted until this past August. The company working on construction is coincidentally the same one that was originally going to build the building back in 2011, as part of the original plan.

“There were plans to construct this building back when they renovated the athletic fields, but luckily it’s worked out quite well,” said Patrick Miller, business manager. Miller was in charge of overseeing the construction bids and helps conduct reviews on the construction as it nears completion.

(Penelope Musto) Construction to finish the John D. Nickoll stadium continues. The work is set to be completed in 2016.
(Penelope Musto) Construction to finish the John D. Nickoll stadium continues. The work is set to be completed in 2016.

This new building will not only benefit the football team, but also the soccer team, track team, softball team, recreation department, other renters, and most of all, the community. One of the biggest benefits to come with the building is the addition of real restrooms.

“Being able to have a real restroom instead of a port-a-potty will be a joy for not only me but for all of our fans in attendance,” said LeVar Ridgeway, athletic director. Ridgeway’s role is to make sure that all of the athletic needs for the building are met and completed, as well as helping with design logistics.

The building is the length of the bleacher area, and will be located beneath the bleachers, with a crossway between the pool and the new facility.

“It’s split up into different components,” Ridgeway said. “The concessions will be in the middle of the bleachers, with bathrooms on either side of the concessions stand. There will be team rooms on either side of the bathrooms: on the end by Capitol will be the officials’ locker room, and on the end closer to the softball field will be the spirit shop.”

So far, construction has been going without any major issues.

“We’ve worked through a few glitches, but we’re moving along on budget and pretty close to schedule,” said Tony Seidita, buildings and grounds supervisor.

Seidita is in charge of supervising the maintenance staff and facilities in all of the schools, and has been making sure the construction that is happening is according to plan.

“Every time I go down there it seems like there’s something else done to it,” Ridgeway said. “Once it’s done and complete, it’s going to be a nice addition to the stadium.”

The building will be in use not only during game season, but also in the off-season. There is currently storage behind the team rooms and restrooms, but during the winter, the team rooms will be used as storage for larger equipment, such as mats for the track team.

“We will be able to get that equipment out of the weather and take better care of it so it will last longer,” Miller said.

Currently, progress seems to be going well.

“We’re very happy with the progress. It’s nice to finally have the ability to move forward with a project that’s a very long time coming,” Seidita said. “Having the proper facilities out there is beneficial for everybody.”

by Ananya Murali

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