New name in the math department

Derek Larson took over for Jim Krolikowski, longtime math and computer science teacher, who left SHS at the end of the 2014-15 school year.Larson is teaching four sections of Integrated Math III and one section of computer science.

“I’ve always heard very good things from the teacher’s perspective [and] from the community’s perspective about this school district,” Larson said. Not always a teacher, Larson worked as an engineer in the Minneapolis area for 10 years before going into teaching.

Larson attended the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and a minor in chemistry, and Cardinal Stritch, where he got his teaching certification. Larson has also attended UW-Milwaukee at various points throughout his academic career.

Outside of the classroom, Larson has plenty to keep him busy.“I’m an avid hunter and avid fisherman. I never miss a Packers game, no matter what is going on,” Larson said. “Above and beyond all of that, I’m married; I’ve got a three-year-old son at home and another one on the way due in December.”

“I would [like] to get to know this group of students and this student body and this community better than I do right now, [but] … after my first [few] weeks of teaching here, everybody has made me feel … welcome and things are off to a good start for me,” Larson said.

(Eli Frank)

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