Fresh faces for bright beginnings

After an Atwater senior kindergarten teacher left late in the summer, her position was filled Amy Thorston, who had previously taught Bright Beginnings at Lake Bluff. This left Thorston’s position vacant for days after school began.

Meanwhile, Katherine Gerrits, who had expected to begin her fifth year at Mequon Preschool, found herself out of work when the school was forced to cut teachers due to low enrollment. Not expecting to find full time work so close to the start of the school year, Gerrits instead began to contact area schools about substitute teaching.

Gerrits was given the job almost immediately. She joined Elisabeth Witt, assistant teacher, who is also looking forward to her first year with Bright Beginnings after being hired last June.

Gerrits and Wit are busy settling into their new roles and adapting to each other’s presence in the classroom.  They are also adjusting to their new setting.“Everyone is so friendly and welcoming,” Gerrits said. “I really love it,” Witt said. Both are also excited to forge connections with their students and witness their growth.

“I love this age. They say what’s on their mind, they are so open to trying new things, to trying new things, they have their manners and they are so proud of themselves.” Witt said.

“I’m excited to see the kids learn and grow throughout the year. You get to the end and you look back and their vocabulary is just so much bigger, their artwork is so different. At this age they grow so quickly,” Gerrits said. “That’s what’s so great about teaching preschool.”

(Sydney Widell) 

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