AFS Showcase highlights student talent

AFS Showcase Rise Up, Shorewood High School’s variety talent show, will be presented November 19 and 20.

Zach Lipo Zovic, Marie Matthias and Justine Spore seniors, as well as Grace Anderson, Ellie Schmitt and Dayton Simenz, juniors, will lead the production as student directors.

(Penelope Musto) The AFS Showcase directors watch and critique a future act for the 2015-16 AFS Showcase Rise Up. The variety talent show is student-run and benefits the AFS program.
(Penelope Musto) The AFS Showcase directors watch and critique a future act for the 2015-16 AFS Showcase Rise Up. The variety talent show is student-run and benefits the AFS program.

Lipo Zovic is a veteran to Showcase and directing the show. “I’ve been a Showcase director since sophomore year, but started Showcase my freshman year … I always try to be involved in as many acts as I can,” Lipo Zovic said.

Matthias is also a veteran director. “I was a director last year … [In] my sophomore year, I just did a solo,” Matthias said.

Spore, Schmitt, Anderson and Simenz are new to Showcase directing but have participated before. Anderson performed in Showcase for the first time her sophomore year. “Last year, I did an act … It was super fun going through the process; I’d never done it before,” Anderson said.

As student directors, they select who gets in, schedule practice times and run rehearsals, as well as critique and improve the acts. “All of Showcase is student directed … We have students doing tech, stage managing, lighting and sound design,” Lipo Zovic said.

Last year’s Showcase saw an involvement from about a third of the student body. “By getting such a large number of students, that opens a lot of doors to new acts and new types of people,” Lipo Zovic said.

“With such an amazing show and amazing experience last year, it’s hard to let that go and start fresh … but I’m sure that this show and experience will be just as awesome,” Matthias said.

Anderson is looking forward to the new opportunities that come with directing. “I want to be on the other side of the process and helping other people get to where I got to last year,” Anderson said.

The experience is already bringing excitement to the directors through its prospective opportunities and illumination of Shorewood’s talent.

“I’m basically looking forward to everything Showcase is … Music has always been my most important thing and Showcase kind of brings together everything I love about Shorewood,” Matthias said.

Lipo Zovic, Matthias and Anderson all agree that Showcase is an incredibly meaningful experience in their lives. “It’s easily one of my favorite performance experiences of all of high school,” Lipo Zovic said.

“My best memories here have been in Showcase … I can’t imagine not being a part of it,” Matthias said.

“It means a lot … Showcase is something I pour a lot of myself into,” Anderson said.

They also agree that although there may be some bumps in the road, the show’s success is rewarding. “Opening night, … when that curtain falls, it’s all worth it … There’s a lot of pride in knowing that we created something that was so spectacular,” Lipo Zovic said.

AFS Showcase Rise Up  has two showings: November 19 and 20. Both performances will be at 7 P.M. in the SHS Auditorium.

by Maya Schneider

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