Milwaukee Film Festival

(courtesy People wait in line for the opening night of the Milwaukee Film Festival at the Oriental Theatre. 2015’s Festival will run for 14 days.
(courtesy People wait in line for the opening night of the Milwaukee Film Festival at the Oriental Theatre. 2015’s Festival will run for 14 days.

The sixth annual Milwaukee Film Festival will take place from September 24 until October 8, with the opening night at the Oriental Theatre. Fox-Bay Cinema and Grill, Landmark Downer Theatre, Avalon Theater, Times Cinema and the Oriental Theatre are the theaters hosting the festival.

The festival is 14 days of narrative documentaries, short films, animations and many other genres from amateur filmmakers all over the world.

“Milwaukee Film Festival is here to implement film and create unification within our community, to embrace film for what it is and to get to share not only blockbusters, but also independent films,” said Shaverick Allen, Milwaukee Film Festival box office mangaer. “Most of it is basically to get everybody and collect everybody in the best way we can in order for everybody to enjoy a film together. It’s international … First it was called International Film Festival but changed to Milwaukee Film Festival so it didn’t sound like every other festival.”

“It’s really hard to get copies of the movies they are going to be showing in the film festival, so they worked really hard to go get excellent movies to show here,” said Abby Veitch, Fox-Bay Cinema and Grill manager. “This is our fourth time in the film festival … It’s really exciting to have lots of people at the movies and a lot of new customers come in.”

Every year, the festival works to bring well-known special guests, and this year is no different. Raven Symone, star of That’s So Raven, will be at the Oriental for pictures and a talk about film.

“It’s a lot of fun. A lot of people come through here that don’t usually come here to see films,” said Liz Ahlstrom, Landmark Downer Theatre assistant manager. “It’s a challenge sometimes, but it’s exciting. Maybe 50,000 people come each year, and that might be a low estimate. We’ve been a part of this since the beginning.”

Ticket prices are $12 for general admission, $11 for students and seniors and $6 for children.

by Jessi Duncan and Yasmin Mohd Sohailin

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