Board member resigns

Rob Reinhoffer, president of the school board, will be resigning on October 1.

“I’m thankful I had this opportunity and I’m honored to have served Shorewood and I’m really proud of the results we’ve had,” Reinhoffer said.

Reinhoffer has been both a school member since 2010 and spent some time as the president.

“I think everyone appreciates the time that he put in,” said Carolyn Curran, district parent and substitute teacher, “He’s been a dedicated public servant and done a lot for our community.”

According to Shorewood’s new superintendent Bryan Davis, Reinhoffer does nothing but impressive work.

“It’s really been a great experience [working with Reinhoffer]. I know he provided the school board with a lot of great leadership,” Davis said.

Reinhoffer was part of many contributions the school board made to the community, including teacher retirement benefits, district technology efforts and navigating Act 10.

“Along with the specific projects we worked on, my role was to represent the people of Shorewood and make sure the district was being run well,” Reinhoffer said.

Reinhoffer is stepping down due to his father’s declining health.

“Everyday my thoughts were someplace else. Board meetings just started becoming a surprise to me, and I realized that I just wasn’t able to focus,” Reinhoffer said.

Reinhoffer believes that he is leaving the district with trustworthy leaders.

“Knowing the new superintendent and the board members we have, I know I’m leaving things in good hands,” Reinhoffer said.

There are currently six applicants in the running for the interim spot.

According to Davis, all would make an excellent addition to the board.

“I am excited to work with a new person but still sad that we will be losing a valuable member of our board,” Davis said.

Although Reinhoffer says he may revisit joining the school board, he feels that because of the many community members Shorewood has, there will never be a need.

“I’m always here to support … and chime in whenever we need it. But there will always be a lot of good people that can do it,” Reinhoffer said.

by Clayton Holbrook

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