Lipo Zovic voted interim School Board member

The School Board voted 4-0 on September 23 to approve Joanne Lipo Zovic as interim board member, following Rob Reinhoffer’s resignation, effective October 1.

Lipo Zovic was chosen out of six candidates. After interviewing each candidate, the Board ranked them based on five characteristics, including what the candidate would bring to board culture, performance, their knowledge/skills, work effort and community involvement. The Board acknowledged the unique ideas and perspectives each candidate would bring, but at Wednesday’s meeting, discussion was focused on the top two candidates: Lipo Zovic and Pablo Muirhead.

Ultimately, Lipo Zovic was chosen because of her connections with community members the current Board members do not have.

“To me, of the six, Joanne captures all of these things that we are looking for: … somebody who acts in a collaborative nature, can help us be productive, has a unique knowledge base [and] is willing to invest the time and effort to move Shorewood forward,” said Paru Shah, School Board president. “She has older kids … and only one child left in the high school. She knows different parents than we do and different community members.”

The Board recognized Lipo Zovic’s experience in the district as well.

“She is someone who has spent 20 years being involved in the district … through all sorts of different periods,” said Rodney Cain, School Board clerk. “I think that this institutional knowledge is especially useful right now, as we move forward with changing the governance model [and] how we engage … with the new administration. Essentially, we need the input from those who have been here for the long-term. To me, that’s a plus.”

Lipo Zovic’s first meeting on the Board will be Tuesday, October 6.

by Eli Frank and Maeve McKaig

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