Tattoo shop introduced to the community

(Ben Davis) Recently established Positronic Tattoo advertises its products. The shop strives to appeal to local customers.
(Ben Davis) Recently established Positronic Tattoo advertises its products. The shop strives to appeal to local customers.

Positronic Tattoo shop opened on Capitol Drive in July.

Todd Gnacinski, owner and lead artist, works with his employees on dermals, tattoos and piercings in order to create unique works of art and a friendly environment for his clients.

“Personally, my philosophy, as far as tattooing goes, is … to work with the client to give them exactly what they want,” Gnacinski said.

Positronic Tattoo is open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, with tattoos starting at $50, and piercings and dermals ranging from $20 to $80. There are student discounts, however the age minimum for tattoos is 18 and 16 for piercings with parent permission.

Gnacinski and his staff have many years of experience in the business and the skills to prove it.

“I’ve been tattooing for five years,” Gnacinski said. “I started out working in a shop in Oak Creek, and after I finished my apprenticeship in Oak Creek, I went to [a few] other locations … and then I moved back here.”

The other employees of Positronic Tattoo are just as experienced in their work.

“Our piercer has 15 years worth of experience … and she’s amazing. She can do any piercing, and she’s really fast, talented [and] efficient,” Gnacinski said. “[My staff] are very talented and loyal—pretty cool guys.”

Within two months of Positronic’s opening in Shorewood, the new business is already receiving positive feedback from the community. Social media sites such as Facebook have offered many ways for people to show their support for the up and coming business.

“Initially, when we first opened up, we had a lot of support from the Shorewood moms,” Gnacinski said. “They were really excited about it … We’ve had a lot of Shorewood moms come in and get a tattoo, … though we’ll tattoo anybody who comes through the door.”

Gnacinski believes that when school begins, the crowd will shift more toward college students.

“I think the clientele that we have coming in here is a little bit different, as of right now, but I think once college starts, we’ll get a lot more college kids here … because we offer piercings and our shop is considerably less creepy than other tattoo shops,” Gnacinski said.

Gnacinski has further hope to give his clients the most friendly and secure environment as he can.

“I want people to know that there’s a non-creepy tattoo place that are full of sci-fi dorks who want to tattoo superheroes and spaceships, … not that we only do spaceships and superheroes … but that’s what we really like to do,” Gnacinski said.

Gnacinski’s love for the sci-fi realm is also reflected in the store’s name, Positronic Tattoo.

“Because I’m a big sci-fi dork … I wanted to pick something that reflected my dorkiness.”

According to Gnacinski, while Positronic Tattoo isn’t the only tattoo shop in the area, friendliness extends to other nearby businesses.

“Competition-wise, I have a good relationship with the guys who own the shop on Oakland,” Gnacinski said. “They do different work than we do … They’re not dorky enough to do spaceships.”

Gnacinski hopes to expand the business.

“In five years hopefully … we’ll be busy enough so we can expand and open a second location,” Gnacinski said. “But if that doesn’t happen and we just stay here, and I’ll be totally happy with that too.”

by Lorlei Boyd and Shimana Bose

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