Tattoo shop exceeds expectations

(Olivia Loomis)
(Olivia Loomis) 

Positronic’s interior surprisingly fits in community

Positronic is an adjective used commonly in the science fiction genre, often indicating a transition from mechanical and technical into consciousness. Positronic is also the name of Shorewood’s first ever tattoo parlor, located on Capitol Drive.

Initially, I was extremely skeptical of the value of having a tattoo shop in Shorewood. In a village that strongly values a sense of family and community, a business such as a tattoo shop that is classically considered to be very edgy or even creepy seems to be out of place.

Despite my initial wariness, overall I found Positronic Tattoo to be the right tattoo shop for Shorewood, if there ever was such a thing.

While the employees may look like stereotypical tattoo artists, Positronic Tattoo is anything but stereotypical. While the shop executes piercing, dermal and tattoo procedures, they do so in an environment reflective of the community the shop resides in. Shorewoodians are famous for their quirkiness, and Positronic Tattoo does not stray from this philosophy. The shop’s waiting area and back rooms are lined with science fiction pictures, posters and even a painted door decorated with the likeness of Frankenstein.

Todd Gnacinski, owner, is a self-proclaimed nerd and specializes in personalized tattoos, which cross the bridge from cliché inking to artistic renderings.

The shop has glowing reviews that dote on the cleanliness and safety of the shop, the kind staff, but mostly the sheer talent that the employees have. With extensive experience, creativity and flexibility, the workers at Positronic Tattoo truly show what it means to be a tattoo artist.

While I still doubt that a tattoo shop fits in with the Shorewood community, I can undoubtedly say that Positronic Tattoo pleasantly defies stereotypes to create an environment in their shop that is more suitable for the village than a typical tattoo parlor. It may be the catalyst for a new, edgier future for Shorewood.

by Harmonics (Monica Dix)

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