TADS replaces Forms and Fees Days

(Olivia Loomis) Screenshot of the log-in page for the newly adopted TADS system. The second portion of registration occured in the SHS Arena.
(Olivia Loomis) Screenshot of the log-in page for the newly adopted TADS system. The second portion of registration occured in the SHS Arena.

Shorewood School District began using the TADS online registration process for the 2015-2016 school year.

The registration, previously known as “Forms and Fees Days,” took place on August 13 and 14 in the SHS Arena. Under the new process, all Shorewood schools’ registration was held in the one location as opposed to at each individual school.

According to Tim Kenney, SHS principal, having all four schools in one location made registration much more efficient.

“Families that have kids at multiple schools … take care of everything all at once,” Kenney said.

In addition to being efficient, Joanne Lipo Zovic, SHS parent, liked the sense of community the new system created.

“It had a nice community feel … elementary, middle and high school people in the same place,” Lipo Zovic said.

Kenney sent a welcome email in early August to explain how the registration process would work. A second email from TADS was then sent to allow families time to complete the online portion before coming to Forms and Fees Day in person. The online portion needed to be done before live registration could be completed. The district also used TADS to gather the majority of the information previously recorded in person and allowed families to pay for fees online.

The goal was to decrease the time families needed to spend at the in-person registration.

“All the stuff that used to be done on paper … could be taken care of at home,” Kenney said.

Joe Patek, SHS assistant principal, thought the district had achieved their goal of speeding up the entire process.

“You went from having to do all these different things in person … to doing two things at the high school,” Patek said.

“Before there was some previous data, … now essentially all the front end work was done. It was just astonishingly fast,” Lipo Zovic said.

Another update to district policy required that Shorewood residents provide proof of residency in order to register. Families had to supply two documents proving residency that were then scanned and returned in order to complete the registration process.

Other components of the live registration included student photos, class schedule distribution, and fee payments for those who chose not to do so online.

Kenney was the leader in setting up the new process.

“The key to this was Mr. Kenney spearheading it … We worked together in a team,” Patek said.

Though Kenney acknowledges he had a main role in the process, he credits the whole district team and believes everyone benefitted from the registration process.

“This will be a method that we will continue,” Kenney said.

by Maya Schneider and Maya Lawnicki

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