New superintendent connects with community

(Olivia Loomis) Davis smiles at the camera. He feels the district is in for a great year.
(Olivia Loomis) Davis smiles at the camera. He feels the district is in for a great year.

Bryan Davis was hired as the new superintendent of the Shorewood School District for the upcoming school year.

“I saw an opportunity here in Shorewood, and I really love the strong reputation of education that Shorewood provides—alongside the ability to have the diversity of the city while still having a smaller district,” Davis said.

Tim Kenney, SHS principal, said that Davis is more thanprepared to accomplish this mission.

“From what I have known of Davis so far, he seems to be very open, very level-headed and I have no reason to think that he will be less than great at communicating with people,” Kenney said.

According to Kenney, one of the criteria for a superintendent was that they created a five-year plan to assess the current problems of the district using feedback from the community, as well as internal review.

Davis said he has already started his plan by working to define achievement gap issues between students, as well as listening to the community to find issues to address and resolve.

“When we develop the vision, and do some strategic planning of of that vision, then [those issues] can all be part of what we’re addressing,” Davis said.

Since the departure of Dr. Blane McCann, a former superintendent, in 2012, Leah Jorn, junior, said that she thinks the superintendent position has lacked a strong personal connection with the community.

“When I heard that [Davis] was living in the district and has kids going to district schools, I saw a stronger potential for the return of those personal connections,” Jorn said.

Davis graduated with a degree in business education at UW-Whitewater, and then pursued a master’s degree in education and a PHD in urban education at UW-Milwaukee.

Initially, Davis was a business education teacher in New Lisbon and Oshkosh Wisconsin. He began working as an administrator in the Green Bay School District as an assistant principal and principal. He then was a superintendent in Columbus, Wisconsin for the last five years.

Davis has three children attending Shorewood schools.

“Being a parent in the district … allows me to meet a lot of people and become more invested the district as a whole,” Davis said.

Davis enjoys fishing, playing golf, running down Lake Drive and seeing the sunrise in the mornings.

Davis hails from Monroe, Wisconsin, a town of about 10,000 people, south of Madison.

“It had kind of a small town feel, something I have received here in Shorewood as well,” Davis said.

Overall, Davis is excited to have all the students back to school and to begin establishing the vision and culture of learning that he sees in the future of the schools.

“We’re looking forward to just digging in here at Shorewood and being a part of the village as much as possible, and helping our teachers do great things,” Davis said.

by Monica Dix

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